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YIN and YAN in Life

Updated on March 14, 2013

Yin and Yang are the two fundamental forces that created the universe and brought harmony through their interaction. These two opposing and conflicting forces are present in every action. They represent two opposite energies that, changing and interacting, are the dynamics of the world. This symbol indicates that reality is composed of opposites, and the interaction of opposing principles.

Yin and Yang are creating a constant motion, rising and falling like waves, supporting mutual harmony. As the man and woman are partners in a dance of love and life, the Yin and Yang is not only opposed, but are complementing each other.

Symbol of continuous change

The interaction of yin and yang made vfive basic elements - water, fire, wood, metal and earth - five phase transformations, or five energies that determine the course of nature. This is a manifestation of everything that happened or was seen as an iterative process, the endless birth and dying, as all, reaching its highest stage, turns into its opposite. Thus, the fundamental characteristic of Yin and Yang are the constant change that is the motion of Tao.

Oriental medicine: restoring the internal balance

A healthy body is based on the state of perfect balance between Yin and Yang and the five basic elements.

Oriental Medicine - Chinese, Japanese, Tibetan, and others are based on among other things, on the philosophy of yin and yang balance, helps to restore harmony in the body by nature. When harmony between Yin and Yang is violated, the state of the balance can be restored with the help of meditation, acupuncture, corrective diet, qigong, tai chi, shiatsu, or various combinations of these methods. Oriental doctors tend not to treat the outward symptoms of disease, and their root causes, is in violation of internal balance, while demonstrating a "second sight" that a person with Western mentality can seem magical.


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