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Updated on June 14, 2012

How are you REALLY?

When someone asks you "how are you?" Do you think they mean, "how are you really or just simple fine thats all I want to hear?" Do you feel that way sometimes? Do you feel please don't tell me anything but fine or ok I have enough problems of my own? It's strange how we have detached ourselves from human beings. Do you find yourself arriving home and saying hello to the dog before you say hello to your family? Did you take something out of context and now you feel like nobody loves or cares about you? These are things that a lot of our young and old alike are suffering. They feel that no one cares for them and no one wants to know how they are really doing. We have become a detached generation to the point that the way we relate to each other is by some technological means such as texting, emails or calling on the cell phone.

Have you ever noticed while standing in the elevator with several people that you are the only person without a smart phone? It's strange to be in a small room with a number of people I see everyday and no one says anything to each other they are constantly texting or answering their emails and so on. Have you ever stopped and smelled the flowers, talked to an older person, helped a friend, or called someone just to say I wanted to hear your voice? These are things that we are missing in our lives, well a lot of us. Our older ones feel as though no one needs them any more when we were younger we needed them all the time, they become depressed due to lack of attention and especially if their mate had past they miss that human connection some don't even know how to use a computer. Our younger ones are missing that attention from their parents and turn to gangs or the wrong crowd because their parent or parents have to work and can't stop working due to paying bills and keeping a home.

How are we Really? If shows like "What would you do? and Scared Straight" are on TV because we don't have the sense to feel for others. The weird thing is that we start caring when someone is in a terrible situation, we want to start donating money and time to a charity that's close to our heart or during a holiday to feel more closer to people. Why can't we give a little everyday to anybody? Sometimes it's not money, most of the time it's you, listening, talking, smiling, laughing, encouraging and being there. Have you ever been in a situation where you wanted someone to be there for you just to listen to you cry or yell but you had no one to call. That's a lonely feeling. Everyone needs someone, even people you think can do bad by themselves.

We are connected to each other in a beautiful way. Whether you believe in creation or the big bang theory we still come from one source. We all stem from the same line. I personally believe in creation but that is my choice. We all have choices. Why is that we are so influenced by what others feel or think about our decisions? Why do you think we can't say wow that's kool, I hope that works for you instead of saying, ooh why are you doing that, that's stupid or crazy? What makes us think that because we won't do what someone else is doing that they are not normal or their crazy? I believe someone thought the Wright brothers were crazy when they said we could fly, someone thought that Benjamin Franklin was crazy when said he could create light without a candle, or Henry Ford who created a horseless carriage. What ideas have you thought were crazy and yet we are doing them now, its weird that I am writing this article and soon when I publish it everyone across the world will be able to see it in a few seconds instead of sending a letter through mail that can take 3 to 7 days to get there and maybe cost a fortune. Why not encourage people to use their wonderful supercomputer called their brain to continue to be creative? We were created to create.

We are all curious, this was built into us. How did these people come up with these wonderful things that we use today? They first was curious, found a passion for finding the solution to situations such as the clothes line to dry clothes (some still do it, which is fine) others choose a machine to wash and dry their clothes which is also awesome. In ones mind one may be better than the other but it doesn't matter to anyone but you. If you like it do it. We are so busy being a doctor in someone elses life instead of trying to solve our own issues first. We need to love one another, stop judging one another, keep listening and encouraging one another and be peacable with one another. There are those that made themselves out to be the issue solvers and those that are trouble makers, which one are you? You can't solve a problem if you keep paying attention to it, you can only solve a problem if you keep thinking of the solutions for it. That's how we got to these wonderful inventions. People saw a problem but instead of dwelling on it they built a wonderful gadget and not only helped others it also helped them.

How are we Really? Are we a society of you can't do this or you can't do that? Or are we a society of people that believes anything is possible? Think about it man has went to the moon and back several times, there are people living in space in the homes built by NASA, there are people who have the ability to fly a big jumbo jet with several people in it. There is so many things that we have not discovered yet. If we stop working against each other and start working with each other we can have anything we need and want and share everything and still have much more to give. We are in lack of nothing. Some people feel like there is not enough, they won't let me do it, I don't have the time, is there an excuse if your life was on the line? If you really needed that operation that cost thousands of dollars, you can't tell me you won't find a way to get that money. There are too may instances in life that it has been done. If you knew your car needed fixing because you had to get to work, you will find a way to fix that car if it is borrowing the money, buying the part going on Youtube and following the directions etc... If there is a will there is a way and you know the way just listen to yourself, trust and have faith that it is possible then follow through.

How are you Really? Keep asking yourself how am I really? I can tell you without a shadow of a doubt you are greater than you know you are. You are the essence of love, life, and creativity. As Les Brown says "You have greatness in you." You know that moment that you have done something that at that time no one else could do, you did it and you felt like you have just won the lottery. Haven't you ever had that feeling before? How did you get it? What were you doing to get that feeling? Go back to it, remember how great that felt and do it again. Find something worth living for. Les Brown says " You can't get out of life alive." Don't take the other road its not for you yet, you are here to do great things. You are a creator of your life, you can help others create. You are really awesome and you know it. So hug yourself, smile at yourself in the mirror and say to yourself everyday I am awesome. I am my sources child/creation, I am a creator, I have greatness in me. No matter what you face in life, it has not taken you down and it won't because you are better than your problems, you are better than your circumstances, you are magnificient in thought, strength and energy. You are made of the best stuff. NOW GO GET YOUR LIFE ON NOW!!!! Don't wait, don't make excuses, don't give up on you and your dream, don't give up on others. Put yourself to the test, see how great and wonderfully you were created and how awesome power that is given to you by the one who created you.

Have faith because you are truly and really an awesome creative genius. Believe!!!


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