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Yasser Lopez and the Spear in his Head

Updated on June 20, 2012
This is unreal. A miracle from God.
This is unreal. A miracle from God.
Yasser upon arrival at the hospital
Yasser upon arrival at the hospital

It was on June 7th, Yasser Lopez, 16, God granted him a miracle. Nothing more to say about it, except, he was lucky. Yasser and his buddy of the Miami, Florida area, were planning to go spearfishing. The boys were loading their spear guns when his friend's gun suddenly shot the three foot spear into and through Yasser's head. The fishing spear entered Lopez’s skull about an inch above his right eye and stopped just millimeters short of piercing the skin on the back of his head. The miracle was that somehow it missed any and all vital arteries. Yasser was quickly taken by paramedics to the nearest hospital. Because of the suddenness of event, Yasser, was in shock and claims he felt little pain until it wore off. Yasser was quickly rushed into surgery lasting three hours.

The spear itself posed problems. It was long, stainless steel and had barbs on it to stab fish. Doctors at first wanted to cut it in order to shorten it so it would fit in the MRI machine. Because of the sensitivity of such a thing, they waited until they had a tool to cut it. In order to remove it, the doctors had to drill two holes in Yasser's head to make sure the barbs did not activate (open), which would make removal difficult. The spear was slowly pulled out and the wound cleaned. The wash to prevent infection in the channel where the spear had been, simply ran straight though his head. This told doctors that his brain had no damage or swelling or bleeding internally.

The surgeon described the whole event as one in a 10 million chance that the spear simply only went through "white matter" of Yasser's brain. It never crossed the critical midline, either. Yasser,after two weeks, seems to be near normal, a little weak but there are no signs of cognitive problems. The doctor expects full recovery.

Wow! Miracles still happen.


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