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Year of the Cougar. Week 10, less stress - looser dress.

Updated on March 10, 2011

Oh my only two more weeks left to go.

At the start of the third week I realized that there was absolutely no way that I was going to get even half way to my goal of reaching 140lbs, why I had barely lost six pounds in 12 weeks... that'd be all the cakes and chocolate.

However instead of getting all despondent it felt like some of the pressure was lifted off and I actually had a nice week of doing yoga and not scarfing down giant handfuls of chocolate every day.

Stress/comfort/pressure/boredom eating is a huge problem for me.  Any negative emotion and I head to the fridge, any happy emotion has me heading to the fridge also for devil-may-care celebratory food and cocktails.  Then when I have the pressure of feeling like I'm too fat and need to eat healthily, I automatically crave something unhealthy and my instinct is to say "I'll finish off the bad stuff tonight, and start properly tomorrow."

The problem is of course that when tomorrow comes there's always an excuse to eat another cookie or go out for dinner, or order in some food with a friend, so then the diet doesn't start until the next day ....

Truth be told I wasn't even over weight when I first started dieting (which was age 8 by the way) but I got fat by spending decades starting a diet 'tomorrow'.  It's a pretty sad way to abuse your body for over 25 years. 

Anyway, moving on.  I wasn't feeling terribly hopeful about getting on the scales but I did, and this is how it went.

Starting weight: 167 lbs

Week 1: 166.5 lbs

Week 2: 165.9 lbs

Week 3: 165.9 lbs

Week 4: 164 lbs

Week 5: 163.5 lbs

Week 6: 161.4 lbs

Week 7: skipped due to shame

Week 8: 165.4 lbs

Week 9: 161.9 lbs

Week 10: 159.4 lbs!!

Woop, woop! After a four week set back I finally made it under the 160 mark. Admittedly I'm only 6 ounces under the 160 mark but that is not the point! It's been almost two years since I saw that magic five on the scale, and I am over joyed.

.... Now let's hope I don't f*#^ it up.


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