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Year of the Cougar. Week 9 - The Home Stretch.

Updated on February 25, 2011

2 Steps Backward, 1 Step Forward.

So after my horrendous fortnight of eating too much and not exercising enough, and regaining over half the weight I'd lost, I had a strict week of healthy food, small portions (smallish I have the appetite of a horse), and most importantly - no chocolate.  I put a sign above the chocolate shelf (oh yes, we have a chocolate shelf - now can you see why I've been having so much trouble?  Not just weak willed but a never-ending, free supply of my favorite food temptation) in my work place stating that MADAM RO MUST NOT TOUCH THE CHOCOLATE.  Which is humiliating but surprisingly effective, because who wants to sneak handfuls of candy when two or three people are giving you side long glances with an expression on their faces that clearly says, "Really?  You've got the muffin top roll that makes Cinnabon green with envy and your snacking away on Hershey's finest?  Hmmn, those jeans are never going to be anything but tragic on you." 

So here's the results.

Start weight: 167 lbs

Week 1 : 166.5 lbs

Week 2: 165.9 lbs

Week 3: 165.9 lbs

Week 4: 164 lbs

Week 5: 163.5 lbs

Week 6: 161.4 lbs

Week 7: Skipped due to shame.

Week 8: 165.4 lbs

Week 9: 161.9 lbs

Well it's half a pound heavier than I was three weeks ago at the end of week 6.  I am disappointed that I managed to sabotage myself so badly in the first place.  But it's futile to dwell on this, guilt is an awful emotion and I am a comfort eater.

Fast Acting Yoga

One interesting thing that happened to me this week was that I pulled the muscles in my back.  "Interesting Madam Ro, really?  I think it sounds more agonizingly painful rather than interesting, but whatever floats your boat..."

Alright yes, it was excruciating torture.  If you've ever had back pain you'll know what I am talking about.  You suddenly realize that you use your back for everything from turning in bed, to putting your socks on to coughing, even going to the toilet .... eech.

I've suffered from sporadic back problems since I was 16.  I always manage to pull a muscle by doing something silly like exercising without warming up or lifting heavy items out of tiny low to the ground cars.  Over the years I've developed a system of painkillers, Bengay, hot baths, rest, and massage if I can afford it, to make the pain go away.

This time I couldn't take time off work to rest so I forced myself to do hours of yoga. Literally, hours every day.  The first 20 minutes is a fresh hell of pain, but after the muscles have warmed up and you find your perfect pace then the difference it makes in such a short amount of time is amazing.  I hurt my back on Friday night, by Sunday morning I could hardly get out of bed and after a day of alternating yoga with lying on the couch on Monday I felt not 100%, but probably about 70% better.

So I have been forcing myself to do yoga this week, morning and night (the problem is I do find it a tad boring, but pain is a wonderful motivator) and I noticed that within just one week, not even that, it's actually been five days, my body is already changing.  I can see it in my arms and shoulders and chest.  My shoulders in particular have a more muscular curve to them rather than that soft doughy look that cruelly accompanies extra pounds.  

I had no idea that your body's musculature could change that quickly.  Hurrah! 


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