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Yeast Infection Men

Updated on September 20, 2009

Yeast Infection Men

Is yeast infection men a possibility? Although not as common as women yeast infection, yeast infection does certainly affects men as well. In fact, up to 20% of people suffering from yeast infection are men. It is important to get natural yeast infection cure as it is the best for permanent cure while providing relief. Sadly, not much information regarding yeast infection men seems to be readily available. We provide them here for you.

Yeast infection normally started when candida yeast which is naturally present in our body, especially the gut, grows out of control. Frequent and long term use of antibiotics are among the leading causes of candida overgrowth. Regular use of drugs and steroids as well as birth control pills for women will increase chances of candida yeast overgrowth. Drugs have have negative impact on "good" bacteria, primarily lactobacillus bifidus, living in our gut. These bacteria function to check growth of candida yeast. Mental condition such as depression can also contribute to causing candida yeast overgrowth.

There are several ways that causes yeast infection to occur. One common mode of infection is sexual intercourse with partner affected by yeast infection. If you are diabetic, your risk of contracting yeast infection will be higher. Yeast thrive on simple sugar. People with diabetes have high level of sugar in their blood, making it easier for the yeast to feed on and multiply.

People with weakened immune system is susceptible to yeast infection as well. This includes people infected with HIV. In this case, yeast growth can quickly go out of control.

It is important to identify yeast infection symptoms correctly. Watch out for signs such as bloatedness, flatulence, itchy anus, even diarrhea or constipation, food allergies and intolerance, migraines, foggy brain and muscles aches, thrush, cystitis, PMS, menstrual irregularities, hay fever, joint pains, asthma, ear infections, fungal infections of the nails/skin e.g. athlete’s foot, sinusitis, weight gain or weight loss and allergies.

So what can we do to cure yeast infection men? First step is to deprive candida yeast of the food it thrive on. This means reducing sugar and food containing high amount of sugar in our diet. Since we know candida overgrowth is caused by reduction of "good" bacteria, our diet should be adjusted to reestablish healthy level of "good" bacteria. This should be followed by taking natural remedy to reduce candida yeast growth.

Alternatively, there are pharmaceutical drugs available to treat yeast infection. However, more often, these drugs tend to treat only symptoms and not the actual cause. Worse, as we have seen earlier, drugs has negative impact to bactreria responsible for keeping candida growth in check. Frequent use of drugs to treat yeast infection will also cause these yeast to develop resistance to effects of pharmaceutical drugs, worsening the situation.

Natural, holistic remedy is still the best option for treating yeast infection permanently. Short list of herbs known to work well in yeast infection treatment specifically if the cause is non optimal level of oestrogen includes black cohosh, red clover, siberian ginseng, dong quai, wild yam, licorise root (not recommended for people with high blood pressure).

Yeast Infection Men - Tongue


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    • profile image

      user 12 7 years ago

      guys i think i have a yeast infection,,i need help. can some1 provide me with a link or the name of the herbs that they took 2 cure this disease please?

    • Terrylee5151 profile image

      Terrylee5151 7 years ago from Pennsylvania

      I have ..or I am now cured.... I HOPE, of candida. It is such a long road, especially when you can't get a docotor to diagnose you. I had to do it with herbs and it was a long haul.

      I am now dealing with Leaky Gut and other problems caused by the candida.

    • Moon Daisy profile image

      Moon Daisy 9 years ago from London

      A good hub. Yes, you're right, most people associate yeast infections with women, but men can be affected too. Thanks for highlighting this!