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Yoga Benefits for our body

Updated on February 21, 2016

Yoga positions

Healthy Yoga

"Ha" is sanskrit for "sun" while "tha' is the word for moon and so Hatha is yoga for balance between body and mind. They focus on movements on positions, breathing and meditation.

Swimming exercise

Swimming is a fabulous form of exercise that puts no pressure on your joints. People with certain back problems may find breaststroke is not great and so if you can, front crawl or backstroke are best.

I find that now i am more aware of my stomach muscles that i pay more attention to while swimming.

30 minutes exercise everyday

30 minutes of

  • Cycling =171 calories
  • Golf = 150 calories
  • Jogging = 233 calories
  • Salsa dancing = 150 calories
  • Skiing = 186 calories
  • Step aerobics=223 caloreis
  • Swimming = 171 calories
  • Tennis = 171 calories
  • Washing the car = 100 calories
  • Weeding = 150 calories
  • Walking (medium pace) = 129 calories


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