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Yoga Facts

Updated on May 9, 2014

Yoga Pose


Yoga for Exercise

Yoga is an ancient practice that has withstood the test of time and is practiced by millions around the world who are concerned about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The word Yoga literally means join or connect together in Sanskrit. The most common form of yoga that is practiced today is known as hatha yoga. Ha means sun and that is the moon. Consequently, Hatha is translated as joining the sun and the moon together. In yoga we join what is opposite together. For example, the sun and moon are opposites that join. Slow and fast are processes that join. Yoga is a blending or integration of opposites.

Yoga Practice

Take up exercises like walking, jogging, or lifting weights and you need a lot of equipment to get started. Walking, jogging, or weight training requires everything from training shoes, clothing, to complicated gear to measure performance. People spend a lot of money on exercise equipment and discover later that they don't really like the training, exercise, or sport. Yoga is different. Yoga does no require any type of fancy gear, equipment, or outfits. All that is required for the beginner is a nice quiet room to practice along with a blanket on the floor to act as a buffer or cushion. Later on, you might wish to purchase a yoga mat for added comfort. It is also completely acceptable to practice in any type of loose comfortable clothing and bare feet. Once you get started yoga, you might want to purchase an exercise outfit, sweat suit, leotard, or even track suit. When to Practice Yoga. People differ in their opinion as to when to practice yoga. A large number of people like to rise with the sun and practice yoga early in the morning. Another segment of yoga enthusiast like to practice yoga at the end of the day to relax. One opinion is the best time to practice yoga is when you are really in the mood. This will keep you motivated to really get involved with the yoga movements. Try to get at least thirty minutes into your home yoga practice. Once you develop strength and flexibility, try to lengthen the time spent practicing yoga. Learn to listen to your body. It will tell you
when it is ready to try longer training periods.

Yoga Classes

Practicing at home with a book or DVD is a good way to get started and determine if this is the type of exercise program that you could enjoy practicing for the long term. Some people never take it to the next level. The next level is joining an exercise class in your community. Perhaps, you are that persona and there will come a time when you wish to join a yoga class that is taught by a yoga teacher. Take your time in finding the yoga class that fits your level. Don't be afraid to interview the yoga teacher and ask the teacher important questions to determine if this is the Yoga teacher or class that you would like to join. Here is what to know before joining Yoga class:

-Determine the teacher's education

Determine the teacher's training style and belief

Determine qualifications

What is the mood like in the yoga class (calm, fun, serene, cold, formal)

How do yoga students interact with the teacher? (informal, very formal)

Are you comfortable with the yoga instructor

Keep all the following ideas in mind when deciding if practicing yoga with a live class and instructior is the best program for you.

Quick Look At More Yoga Health Benefits

Certainly, there are numerous health benefits that are attributed to the practice of yoga. Yoga is also an exercise that is equally beneficial to the young and old. Kids to those in their senior years are able to reap the benefits of practicing yoga. It is never too soon, or too late to start practicing yoga. What are the benefs?

  • Yoga is great at stretching the muscles in the body. You can feel it head to toe.
  • Many of the yoga poses help you strengthen the body.
  • Yoga improves flexibility.
  • Yoga improves posture.
  • Yoga improves the body's core.
  • Yoga teaches you to breathe properly.
  • Yoga helps to reduce stress.
  • Yoga slows the heart rate and reduces blood pressure.

Those are only a few of the wonderful benefits that are associated with practicing yoga.

Yoga Serene Pose


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