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Yoga for the Eyes: Exercises to Improve Vision

Updated on October 22, 2015
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William R. Buchanan has gained much of his wisdom while traveling, meeting with various Sufi masters, gurus, and shamans.

Relax and Strengthen Your Eyes

There are many people in the world who take the time to exercise, but only a few who take the time to exercise their eye muscles.

Many optometrists and eye specialists recommend doing exercises as vision therapy to help alleviate eye problems. There are several yoga postures and systems that will enhance the overall health of your eyesight, as well.

Yoga postures for your eyes are composed mainly of postures that will relax your eyes in the same way that meditation does your mind. There are also some exercises that help to build the muscles around the eyes to give you more control. People who practice different types of yoga systems often conclude that immediately after a session, their eyesight seems to be better.

Yoga postures exercise the eyes, which are attached to the brain by way of optic nerves and manage the impulses within the muscle tissues of one's eyes. As a result, yoga for the eyes does not just help reduce strain within eyes, but can also assist in the alleviation of tension.

“The eye through which I see God is the same eye through which God sees me; my eye and God's eye are one eye, one seeing, one knowing, one love.”

— Meister Eckhart, Sermons of Meister Eckhart

Combining Yoga with Eye Exercises

The exercises described below are most beneficial if they're performed when you're lying down, ideally after you've concluded your other yoga postures. Some people recommend rinsing the eyes with cold water before exercising them.

Relax a Bit


Exercise #1

  1. Without moving your head, shift your eyes to look as far upward as is comfortably possible, and then shift them as far downward as is comfortably possible.
  2. Move the eyes up and down at least four times and then close your eyes in a slow blink to allow your muscles to relax. Then repeat.
  3. After you've completed at least five repetitions of this exercise, shut your eyes for approximately 60 seconds so that the muscles in your eyes can fully relax.

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Exercise #2

  1. Open your eyes wide and move them from left to right slowly, without moving your head or straining too hard. Count to six (one count per shift).
  2. Before repeating, blink slowly to allow your eyes to relax.
  3. Do at least four repetitions of this technique.


Exercise #3

  1. Rotate your eyes clockwise as slowly as possible: Begin by looking at the sky and then rotate your eyes down and to the right slowly, down to the ground, up to the left, and back up to the sky.
  2. After three full rotations, shut your eyes for a couple of seconds, enabling them to fully relax.
  3. Repeat the motion three times counterclockwise.
  4. Do a total of three sets of three clockwise and three counterclockwise rotations, pausing to close and rest the eyes in between.

Yoga for Healthy Eyes

Get Advice

There are a variety of yoga postures that could be superb in strengthening your eyesight, but it's a good idea to seek advice from a doctor before choosing which exercises are best for you.

Tears have been repressed even more deeply. It has been told to us that tears are a symptom of weakness– they are not. Tears can cleanse not only your eyes but your heart too. They soften you, it is a biological strategy to keep you clean, to keep you unburdened. It is now a well-known fact that fewer women go mad than men. And the reason has been found to be that women can cry and weep more easily than men. Even to the small child it is said, 'Be a man, don't cry like a woman!"

— Osho

Research and Studies About the Efficacy of Eye Exercises

Certainly, the use of eye exercises to improve eyesight is controversial. If you do a search online, you'll find many doctors and studies questioning the validity of commercially-packaged eye exercise routines that claim that if you buy into their program, you'll be able to throw your glasses or contacts away.

Even though these pricey packages are questionable, the exercises they're trying to sell you are not useless. These "experts" are making unsubstantiated claims in an attempt to cash in on your eye problems.

Eye specialist have to admit that these exercises can be worthwhile, but there's no need to pay for them, and your expectations for results should be realistic. Although there's not a lot of scientific proof, there are many doctors who recommend eye exercises for eyestrain (sometimes resulting in headaches), blurred vision, and sensitivity to bright light.

The truth is, there is insufficient data to assert that eye exercises are guaranteed to help your eyes. On the other hand, there is also insufficient data to conclude that yoga won't help your eyes, either.

So the bottom line is that these exercises may not have a significant affect on many severe and congenital eye conditions, but they will help you focus, relax, and strengthen your eyes.


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