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Yoga For Weight Loss - 50 Minute Fat Burning

Updated on April 29, 2014
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Fat Burning Yoga Workouts

8 - "Yoga" poses (asanas) for weight loss - Health
8 - "Yoga" poses (asanas) for weight loss - Health | Source

The Best Yoga Poses

The best yoga poses for better sleep and Yoga for Weight Loss: The Top 5 Fat-Burning Yoga Poses.
The best yoga poses for better sleep and Yoga for Weight Loss: The Top 5 Fat-Burning Yoga Poses. | Source
Yoga poses to help you cool down your muscles.
Yoga poses to help you cool down your muscles. | Source
3 yoga poses for the shoulders and chest.
3 yoga poses for the shoulders and chest. | Source


The word ‘Yoga’ itself means to ‘unite’ – uniting the individual energy with cosmic energy; or the various aspects of life to achieve a harmonious whole. The ultimate aim of the yogi (practitioner of yoga) is to realize the self and to achieve salvation by getting rid of distractions of the mind. In practice, yoga is an applied science of the mind and body. Patanjali, a sage around 300 to 400 BC was the first to compile texts into a treatise dealing with the basic principal of yogic philosophy. Its starts on the premise that a healthy person is an integrated unit of body, mind and spirit. Yoga is not an exercise; it is a way of life. It does not create health; it creates an internal environmental that allows the individual to come to his own state of dynamic balance of health. Yoga is thus a philosophy that offer an insight into the spiritual, the plane of not just health but spirituality by a holistic approach. It includes proper exercise, breathing, diet, relaxation and meditation. Many rehabilitation centres employ yoga therapists to achieve optimum results. Certain aspects of yoga like Asanas (practice of postures) and Pranayama (breath control) can be used in therapy. Other aspects like Pratyahara (control of senses) and Dhyana (meditation) are not being used in active rehabilitative therapy.

Benefits of Yoga

It is safe (if taught by a competent guru of the system) and conserves energy, except in condition like hypertension it would be better to avoid certain asanas. There is no strain and it helps to become relaxed and more focused. It rejuvenates the muscles in a shorter period of time.

Yoga Asanas

Yoga Asanas or postures are body positions associated with the practices of Yoga. They maintain well-being, and improve the body’s flexibility and vitality. Some time these postures are prescribed in therapy clinics to prevent back and neck pain from recurring and also to reduce stress and hypertension. However, they should be learnt under a trained yoga therapist. Many of these postures are akin to exercise prescribed in physiotherapy and there are physiotherapists trained in yogic asanas. The general health condition of the patient and contraindications also, are taken into consideration.

Ardha Halasana : The Half-Plough Pose

This involves hip flexion with knees extended.

Bhujangasana : Cobra Pose

The raised trunk and head while practicing it resemble a cobra (“Bhujanga means “Cobra” in Sanskrit) rearing its hood about to strike.

Pavanamuktasana : Wind-releasing Pose The yogi brings his folded legs towards his stomach and as he does so, he breathes out as the name suggests. This asana massage the digestive organs and gives relief from excess flatulence in the stomach and intestines.

Lying Abdominal Twist : The practitioner lies down face up and twists his spine and abdomen.

Yoga - medicinal medicine

Medicinal Herbal Teas for Breast Cancer Recovery
Medicinal Herbal Teas for Breast Cancer Recovery | Source
Vegetarian food
Vegetarian food | Source


It is a component of Hatha yoga and is the arts of solar vitalization. Ideally it is done on an empty stomach with light and loose clothing early in the morning facing the rising sun. If done twice a day it is posture it is a complete meditative technique and a physical exercise where almost all muscles are used and every joint is taken through almost the fullest range possible. It has got three aspects: from, vital energy and rhythm. It is the entry point for a person to get used to Yoga asanas. It is a combination of 12 different posture, followed in a particular sequence with specific breathing patterns. The benefits of Surya Namaskar are seen at three level; body, mind and intellect; while performing Surya Namaskar the breathing delivers more oxygen to the lungs.

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