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Yoga Moves for Beginners

Updated on December 29, 2010

The first step to yoga is on to the mat...

I have been a practitioner for more years than I would like to count but know it adds up to more than half my life now and I have been a teacher for just over a year. Still I find myself caught in limbo between following the path of a true yogini and living the life of an imperfect human who has incorporated yoga as a large portion of my existence. This only qualifies me to try to inspire others to begin to find their own unique direction.

The purpose of this passage isn’t to list poses for beginners it is intended to offer suggestions towards finding where to start to find yoga moves for beginners. First time students often show up nervous and unsure of what to expect and can leave frustrated and disheartened. The thing to remember is every student shows up a beginner and even throughout a lifetime of study there are poses they wish they could be better at or still hope to achieve someday. This is part of the beauty of yoga; we practice yoga we do not perfect it.

There are instances when watching others in the room may help you understand a pose or inspire you to want to reach that pose some day, other than that don’t trouble yourself with spending the entire class time obsessing over what everyone else can do – be in your own practice. Yoga is a time for you to show up and offer what you can of yourself THAT DAY. I still often take an easier class to reflect on the core basic yoga moves for beginners either because it is the only class time I can attend or it may be all my body will allow for that day. One of the best aspects of yoga is to honor your body and to challenge yourself – sometimes that means not judging or berating yourself for relaxing in child’s pose as much as you need to during a class.

Begin with whatever approach is comfortable with you; books, DVDs, podcasts, a yoga studio, a class offered at your gym or any other approach is still a yoga practice. The important part is to show up for whatever you chose and if you don’t make it through the entire session you are not practicing less. If you are shy about learning yoga moves for beginners in public using methods at home to gain some basic idea of what to expect in a studio is an ideal way to launch into yoga. I practiced with just DVD’s in my home for years before finally going to a studio and still often use this approach on days when time or mood insist I do so.

Lastly, if you try a class and it doesn’t feel right, this isn’t the end of the road. Finding a teacher or class that works for you is like any relationship; surely you didn’t take yourself out of the dating game because you didn’t marry your prom date. I refuse to give up on a teacher or class until I have tried it two or three times, and even if it still isn’t for me I just move on to another. This is part of the process; part of the yogic path. I have been an avid daily devotee and gone through periods where for months all I could do was think about how I should be at a yoga class. The best thing I can offer is that if the idea has crossed your mind to try yoga, the journey has already begun. So why fight it when yoga has already found you?

Do not take yourself out of the equation because you do not have the perfect yoga mat, are not a vegan or are not ready to practice silent meditation from day one. Everyone’s path has a unique beginning. If you are interested in discovering which classes, DVD’s, or other approaches offer the best yoga moves, postures and flows for beginners stay tuned for upcoming articles about these as well.



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