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Yoga and Creativity

Updated on November 1, 2010

Yoga and Creativity

Last summer one of my students asked if Yoga could make us more creative? I said ‘Yes, depending how you do it!’ A few people have given me their thoughts and contributions on this subject.

One student said ‘I don't think I have a creative bone in my body but for those that do, I would think yoga has the ability to calm the mind, put life in balance and therefore free up mental space for creative thoughts.’ Her comment regarding ‘mental space’ resonates in me. As she is pointing out, it’s not just about making art.

Another student said that through the breath work, meditation and focus of yoga practice, ‘we can reach the pure place of the mind's eye’ and that focus can be replicated for a creative focus.

A graphic designer and yoga practitioner said ‘Yoga has enabled me to engage with a more open mind, letting me be more free thinking with my ideas and thoughts. I am more aware in everyday life and of what is around me, so visually I am more aware than ever. I feel a lot calmer and have more clarity leading me to feel more balanced in all areas of my life, which has a positive effect on my work.’

She also says ‘Yoga makes you comfortable with who you are and allows you to have more self belief, hence I am being more dynamic with my design and true to my work.’

My own practice of Yoga is a process where I check in with myself every day, this helps me see where I might be getting stuck in my body or life - by cultivating flexibility in my body I aim for flexibility in my mind also. In this way I create the space for spontaneity and to be able to cook up new ideas!

Dancing to Gamelan music

My drawing of a yoga student dancing. I used ink and chinese brush on chinese paper
My drawing of a yoga student dancing. I used ink and chinese brush on chinese paper


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