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Yoga and Food

Updated on December 27, 2015

Yoga and Food

So if the exercising is a way to balance out your body and mind, wouldn't eating also have a 'say so in it all'? There is a certain philosophy in Yoga as far as food is concerned. Like any beliefs we may have. You would think that these are the healthiest of foods. Are they really? Well there are three total categories that define each type.

The first one is known as Rajasic. Yogis use this food if they have a restless or an energetic disposition. They would consume fried foods. They also consume foods that are highly seasoned and even baked. There is a variety of alcohol and sweets that can be consumed as well. Of course you know as someone who is watching their weight and cholesterol, these foods are really not good for you. It's a wonder that it is a part of a Yoga diet. The Rajasic diet is also bad in the sense that it may be over stimulating and it is also known to destroy the mind and body that will eventually lead to nervous disorders as well as circulatory. What happens is your negative thinking and emotions causes your mind to become in a frenzy. Usually these foods are considered 'stimulants' such as coffee and soft drinks.

Then there is another diet for the Yogi called the Tamasic. They consider this to be a food for the one is always sleepy and lethargic. This diet is known to cause heaviness. Then there is heaviness and a sense of dullness and then maybe even a feeling of depression or lack of self confidence. The types of food in these diets are considerably a little old, unclean, stale, or burnt. There are many examples to these types of foods. Foods such as meats and fish that are in the fridge for more then two days are one example. Then you have fruits that are overripe. Okay so what's the point?

The point is that these types of foods actually are not good for your body or your mind. In fact they harm you more then anything. They are not good for digestion. Not to mention mental health is also at risk eating these types of foods. I don't know about you but wonder why these are considered 'diets' when in fact it seems that they are not good for you at all. These are avoidable foods that should only be consumed by someone practicing Yoga, in definite moderation. In Yoga practice, there are many who believe that anything in indulgence is not good for you. It is not wise to glory yourself in your riches. Whether it be in foods or just everyday endeavors that you accomplish. That is why it is wise to not only include Yoga exercise in a complete balance but also the food that you consume as well.

There are wholesome and healthy foods as well that can also be considered something that would go along with the Yoga exercising. In the Sattvic diet there are several foods that fit under this category. There are pure, fresh and foods that are so full of energy, it will be easy to maintain balance. Some of the foods that would be found in this diet are fresh fruits, cereals, vegetables, milk, cheese, curd, nuts and honey. Then there is also natural honey and sugar as well as jaggery and last but surely not least, green leaf tea. There are types of oils that are considered great for maintaining a Yoga balanced diet and those oils are sesame, olive, sunflower and also coconut oils. Other examples would have to be herbs.

You are what you eat?

So they say and that doesn't exclude people practicing Yoga. Know that there can be balance and it does start with what you take in. What you eat effects your balance as well as your mental capacity and total well being. Although it seems that these diets come across as 'being a part of Yoga'. In fact they are just broke down into groups and described to what they are and how they effect your body.

That way while you are on your quest to balancing your body, mind and spirit, you know what to feed yourself. You know the risks and the consequences of eating these certain types of foods. You will be surprised at how much better you would feel once you have established the best diet and Yoga work out is the best for you.

Simply being conscience about it all will ease your mind. Eating is a part of life. Eating right and balanced is a part of being a self conscience, well minded student of Yoga. Compare and contrast the foods so that you know what to eat. Blend your diet into your Yoga routine and bring the two together as a mind conscience way to diet, all the way around. You will notice how much lighter you feel as well as balanced you will become.

As with any diet or exercise, make sure that you are under the supervision of a doctor, physician or in this case, a Yoga teacher. You may also want to talk to a nutritionist about the types of food. I am sure that the Yoga instructor will be able to help you to understand it all a little bit better.

He will be able to assist you in a total diet that goes beyond just Yoga. Trying to find balance in it all? Sure you are and finding it in the food that you consume definitely is one of the most important things that you have to remember. Food is essential for life. Certain foods are not only irrelevant for life, but they are totally bad for you. bad food is essentially worse for those of you who are pursuing balance in Yoga. Foods effect not only our 'physical body' but they also effect our mental state as well.

Balance in it all is essential for those who practice Yoga and food is no exception.

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