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Yoga for Beginners 101: Weeks 8-10 of 2014

Updated on December 5, 2016

Meditation poll

Do you meditate during your yoga home practice?

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Preparing for 2015 and looking back on the past

Since this year is coming to an end next week and winter's officially here, I've had my final three yoga sessions for the year last week. Depending on the weather, it's going to be real tricky for me to go to class at the gym, while I'll be spending my time doing plenty of indoor yoga exercise. Since I've been practicing yoga for almost three months, and doing home practice for two months, I've noticed a chance in my back pain. While my back may never be 100% pain-free, but it improved my posture and lessened the aches down a tiny bit. And that's a well-deserved dramatic time over time and patience.

Meditation is essential to your yoga practice at home and during your class

Shaking things up in my yoga routine

For the past couple of weeks, I've been shaking things up with my daily yoga routine that I've been doing on my own. I've been adding a new yoga pose that I haven't done before or need to improve on to my routine. When it's been completed for the day, I mark it down on my yoga journal on my spreadsheet on my laptop computer. This is a good way to broaden my yoga horizons to keep trying new poses or improving the ones that give me trouble, like the tree pose for example. When I've reached 60 days next year, I'm going to add two poses to my routine, whether it's the daily stretch routine or the longer ones every week. Those daily yoga poses I get in the email really encourage and motivate me every day.

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How would you protect your knees during yoga practice, at home and in class?

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This is a yoga blanket to protect your neck and back from doing back bends

A kneeling pad protects your knees from kneeling poses like the triangle pose

My final 2014 yoga classes

For the final three weeks, I've discovered that when I take my three yoga classes at my local gym every week, I've noticed that it's been helpful to me, when they teach yoga in a different way along with new yoga sessions. Every week, I've noticed an influx of new yogis to my Wednesday and Friday yoga classes, when my Thursday yoga class wasn't so much. Two weeks ago, when we had a substitute yoga instructor who teaches the Silver Yoga class on Friday mornings, since my yoga instructor was out sick, we were taught about breathing and doing our sun salutations and other poses differently, sans the balancing poses like the tree or Warrior III. She added meditation to the class. Last week, we've had the same class we had the day of Thanksgiving--no balances and meditation in the end.

As for Thursday class for Gentle Yoga, which only remained the same size of six students including me, we were taught new and difficult poses with two blocks to use. Although in the beginning when I first started, some of the poses I couldn't do before, I've gotten better with it, while I continue to struggle with others. We've tried a levitation pose I couldn't do, even with a block or two. Too hard for me. Have you tried it? (See my hub down below on how my Gentle Yoga class for 2015 will be changing.)

For Friday class, I always thought that my instructor was kind and helpful, when we have trouble on doing a pose. We, too, add something new, like jumping back and forth, after we do the warrior poses and prepare to do others. Those spine stretches we do in the beginning and end were also helpful to do and add to our home practice. I honestly believe home practice does work before or after class.

Non-skid yoga socks would make sure you won't slip

If you're tired of having your bare feet slip on your yoga mats, try considering buying a pair of non-skid gripped yoga socks. A great solution for yoga exercises that are done on the mat in your bare feet, and if you're concerned about hygiene is non-skid and toe yoga socks.

For extra breathability, looks for them that are made from organic cotton with a non-slip sole. There are many different kinds of yoga socks that are available: some are regular socks with a non-skid bottom; others covers the foot, but leave cut-outs for the toes. And others are like foot "mittens" that are shaped like your foot with a separate space for each of your toes.

Here's a photo of rolled up yoga mat on a chair I got from X-mas in December 2014

Final notes

While I haven't heard back from the land class administrator at the gym, since my last post, I'll be emailing her next week on meeting her to answer my question. But right now, I think it might be a moot point for now. Last week, I've found out that my instructor wouldn't be teaching the class in two weeks. She wanted an earlier time to teach it. Gentle Yoga will have a new instructor, who have subbed for both my Friday class this month, and Thursday's class in November, who'll be teaching us a therapeutic yoga class. Maybe it would be more "gentler" than before. If it is, I might not to have the meeting as necessary. But I'll let you know in two weeks with my first post for next year.

During the holiday and winter season for this week and next week, I'll be continuing to do my home practice to get ready for the new season. I'm still a novice and a yogi beginner. But if you have problems with your knees and wrists for some posts, a knee pad is key to protect those vulnerable joints. And if you have a yoga blanket, that helps as well. On a final word, I've gotten my yoga pad for Christmas for home practice and for class, including Pilates as well. I hope to save some money for the kit or to buy the blocks and straps in the future. Happy holidays!


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    • Kristen Howe profile imageAUTHOR

      Kristen Howe 

      4 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Really? It's not Satanic in nature to me. Thanks Emge.

    • emge profile image

      MG Singh 

      4 years ago from Singapore

      So nice of you to share a post on Yoga. Some Catholics label it as satanic in nature.

    • Kristen Howe profile imageAUTHOR

      Kristen Howe 

      4 years ago from Northeast Ohio

      Lorelei, I so agree with you there. It helped me with my back pain last fall and I'm glad I've decided to stay active, too. Meditations helps a bundle too during practice. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Lady Lorelei profile image

      Lorelei Cohen 

      4 years ago from Canada

      I have practiced spot specific yoga exercises since I was about 16. I stop for awhile and then begin again. It is amazing the difference in mobility and flexibility when I stay with the program. It really is a phenomenal fitness program.


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