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Yoga poses to gain weight

Updated on December 6, 2016

Yoga is all that you will ever need to tend to various kinds of health problems, right from weight loss, diabetes, stress, digestive issues, and neurological issues etc. Proper yoga poses can help in alleviating even serious ailments to a great extent, without the need of gulping distasteful pills and having to endure their harmful side effects. Owing to stress and lifestyle, people suffer from various lifestyle disorders. One such concern is WEIGHT. While some may have gained weight and struggle endlessly to shed some pounds; some others are so skinny, that they are looking for ways to gain some flesh. Yoga has solutions to both the problems.

Mentioned below are some excellent yoga poses, which help in gaining weight successfully:

• Vajrasana

Vajrasana is also popularly known as the thunderbolt pose or diamond pose by yoga experts. This particular yoga pose is the only asana, which can be done immediately after a meal. The digestive system is stimulated by the asana along with keeping metabolism under strict check. All the areas in the body that need attention are handled with this yoga pose. Vajrasana also helps in calming the mind.

Doing this asana is also simple. Sit flat on the floor by placing the thighs on the calf muscles of the leg. Concentrate hard and breathe.

• Sarvangasana

Popularly known as the supported shoulder stand, Sarvangasana is an excellent yoga pose, which helps in gaining weight effectively. The main purpose that is served by the asana is working on blood circulation in the body so that blood and oxygen reach to all parts of the body. This yoga pose is kind of inverting the body so that blood and oxygen reach to the most inaccessible parts of the body easily. As a result, essential nutrients reach to all corners of the body. The body gets additional energy and power as the energy blocks are cleared with this yoga pose.

For the yoga pose, lie down flat on the ground. Lift both the legs up by supporting the hips with the help of the palms. Slowly and gradually, try shifting the full body weight to the shoulders. Try lifting the upper part of the body too. Only the upper back and the head will be there on the floor. Be in this position for a few seconds and then release.

• Pavanamuktasana

Popularly known as the wind-relieving pose, this asana plays a pivotal role in improving appetite and provides solutions for various kinds of digestive disorders. Stimulating and regulating the digestive system helps in keeping the body fit and healthy. If the body has overactive metabolic rate, it is calmed by the asana. In fact, nutrient absorption gets better with this asana so that the body gets the right kind of nutrients. Blood circulation in the lower abdomen is also improved significantly with this yoga pose.

To start the exercise, lie flat on the floor so that the back touches the ground. Now slowly fold the knees and wrap your arms around them. At this moment take deep breathe. Now pull the knees towards the chest and exhale while you do so. Inhale again and try touching the chin with the knees. Hold your breath for 30-40 seconds and then exhale gently.

These poses are simple to master, and have profound health benefits. There are also a number of couples yoga poses that you can try at home! Not only will you see your weight gradually increase, but also find a remarkable improvement in your general health!


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