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Yoga and Exercises

Updated on September 28, 2011

Exercises required for the union of our body, mind and soul are called yoga. There are the different principles of yoga. Yet, we shall learn yoga in the form of physical exercises. We will practice the following exercises.

  1. The shoulder stand

The shoulder stand is an important exercise. It makes our whole body strong and healthy because it produces good influence on all organs of our body.


Lay flat on the mat. Gradually raise your legs,waist and vertically upward. Support the body weight on the shoulder and use hands to maintain the balance. You can remain in the state for a while. Repeat it one or two times in one sitting.

2.Tree pose

In tree pose, people stand on a leg like a tree. So, it is called tree pose.


Stand in a attention position. Raise up right leg and place its foot on the shin of the left leg on such a way that its fingers may point towards the ground. Join hands and place them on your chest. Close your eyes and remain in standing position for a while. Then remove your hands from the chest and bring down the right leg to come again in attention position.

This exercise should be repeated four times in one sitting.

Benefit: this exercise is useful for balancing the body concentrating mind.

3. Plough Pose

In this exercise the body is bent in the form of the plogh. So, it is called Plough pose or Halasam.

Process: Lay flat on the mat and bring hands towards thighs. Press the ground with hands and raise up your feet and keep legs straight. Then twin the waist gradually and bring your legs towards head. After practising this exercise for some days, you can easily touch the ground with your legs. Remain in this state for fifteen seconds. Then come in the former position gradually. This excerise should be repeated four or five times.


This exercise makes the backbone strong and flexible. It strengthens the digestive system and activates the thyroid gland. It is helpful in reducing fatness of the body.

Note: Bring your legs towards head gradually while practising this exercise. Do not move your legs quickly.

The shoulder stand
The shoulder stand
Tree pose
Tree pose
Plough Pose
Plough Pose


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