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You Are In Control Of Your Own Own Self Healing and Growth

Updated on February 20, 2013

Never Over Rely On One Person's Expertise

On your journey towards self healing and growth, you may encounter experts and healers with whom you truly feel a connection with.

However, only you have lived in your shoes. Although their expertise may be very insightful, they hold no authority over you. And they can never claim to be the keepers of your truth.

Even as the writer of this Hub, I hope you will consider what I have to say. But above all, I want you to own your experiences. And I also encourage you to explore the advice and information of other people so that you are able to incorporate this knowledge into your own personal self improvement efforts and initiatives.

If a tip or some piece of advice makes sense to you, see if you can experience the emotion of it. Don't just settle for an intellectual understanding.

Your self improvement journey will consist of feedback and insight from others. But your ultimate goal is to improve the way you feel in all aspects of your life. Even if you are exploring a tip, a meditation or a visualization exercise, you must do the work of relating it to your own life's story. Don't just blindly engage in these practices and simply hope for a better outcome.

As a healer named Howard Wills once said, "Healing is a feeling."

Celebrate Your Past. Don't Ignore It In the Name of Positive Thinking

There is a lot of emphasis placed on the value of positive thinking. And as we try to incorporate this advice into our lives, we often make the mistake of stifling unresolved feelings and issues. Why? Because they don't sound positive.

Positive thinking can only work if you have acknowledged uncomfortable emotions that you have disowned and kept buried. Once you are aware of these hidden aspects within you, you can begin the work of transmuting them.

It is important that you embrace all that you have experienced and your personal story, along with your personal challenges. For they are gifts and stepping stones to your evolution, growth and a brighter future. In other words, you are the hero of your own journey.

If you are not able to be positive about a situation, acknowledge this and be patient with yourself. Challenge yourself to view it through a different filter. And reward yourself for experiencing emotional shifts in how you view and react.

Tools, Tips, Meditations, Objects

If you are looking for answers on how to change your life, you may come across different articles that provide you with tips, techniques, tools and guided meditations.

Again, these are written from the perspective of another person. If they don't quite make sense, acknowledge this. Don't simply act as the good student and engage in these exercises hoping for some type of result.

Instead, follow the advice of others by being fully mindful of your own life story and your own unique challenges. You may choose to modify some of this information so that it is more tailored to your emotional experience. Use your intuition and go with your gut.

Crystals and external healing tools can help you experience slight shifts in your energy. They may help you feel calmer and more relaxed. But they are not the end all. And they are certainly not reasons for you to forget and forsake the events, people and emotions in your past that make you feel uncomfortable, angry, sad or uneasy. Your challenge is to face the things that haunt you. Crystals and healing tools can help remind you of the light that is already within. But it is up to you to express this light through your personal strength.

Without you owning your past, experiences and your shadow self, all these external self help tools, books, and advice simply become an escape, instead of helping you grow and create a different future for yourself.

Healers and Therapists

Now there are many gifted healers and therapists whose services are available to you. Their role in your life is simply to be tools for you to use.

People who work with energy can provide a clear opening for new and more positive forms of consciousness to emerge. But unless you deliberately decide to create and commit to new habits and new ways of reacting, you are still subject to many of the old conditioning patterns that have developed over the past years.

People who heal can help you become a little more free from emotional baggage that weighs you down.

But part of your unhappiness or lack of fulfillment stems from not having your needs met, or not having received the unconditional love that you wanted as a child. A healer or therapist is limited in how much of this void they are able to fill.

Therefore, it is up to you to improve your relationship with yourself so that you can become whole.

Journaling the Right Way

Keeping an ongoing journal to express your inner most feelings can be a transformational experience. It helps you to be profoundly aware of yourself. And it clarifies your thoughts

Although there are many beautiful bound blank books that you might find in bookstores, you may feel somewhat lost on what to write and how to use a journal for its maximum benefits.

As opposed to a blank book, a loose leaf small binder may be a better choice. You will be able to create different sections using tabs. And this will help you better organize your personal development along different levels.

Here are some suggestions:

(1) Start with your gut instincts. What is is that you would like to improve the most? Is it time management and personal productivity? If so, create a tab in your binder and insert blanks sheets of paper where you can track your goals and your experiences in trying to meet them.

(2) What knowledge or information have you come across through books, articles on the web inspire you the most?

Take notes on what this might be. If you are choosing to focus on a single book, then jot down what knowledge, insights and information were the most striking or riveting to you. Again, allow your gut to be your guide.

Freely write about how you think you might incorporate this advice into your life.

(3) Day by day, revisit your journal and reflect on what you experienced in trying to apply this new information. Focus a little more on your emotions, good or bad.

(4) Try to develop your own personal voice. This is different from how you would write for a school assignment. Give words to nebulous, unspoken feelings. See if you can feel a poetic quality to your experiences and give this a voice. Be completely raw with your emotions. If you feel the need to write someone a letter and tell them how you truly feel, a journal is a safe outlet for these emotions.

(5) always revisit what you have written and see what new insights or shifts in perceptions arise. Jot these down (perhaps in a different color)


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