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You Are Personally, Totally, Entirely, Wholly, 100% Responsible For Your Success

Updated on October 17, 2012

It is a poor workman that blames his tools

I get a laugh with this line in every class that I teach. When I am teaching real estate math classes, I always have the students compute the the numbers with their calculators. Often, when someone shouts out a wrong answer, they will comment, " My calculator is not working properly.". I always respond with. " It is a poor workman that blames his tools." The class usually laughs. It is funny because it is true.

I learned this cliche when I was working summer construction jobs during college. The old timers would not let you complain and whine about tools. Just get the job done. I learned a lot of life lessons on a construction site. Here is one lesson that every new Realtor needs to learn. Your success or your failure is 100% your fault, your responsibility.

Your broker wants you to succeed but not as much as you want you to succeed. Your sales trainer wants you to succeed. You better want to succeed for you more than he wants it for you. If you succeed, you get the new car,a larger house, a better vacation. Nobody cares nearly as much as you do.

You results are up to you. You can start your day anytime you want. What time your day starts will greatly affect your income. You can end your day at whatever time you think is appropriate. What time your workday ends will also affect your income, your lifestyle, your life. No one else cares about your income nearly as much as you do. You can read and study about your job. If you do, you will make more money. No one can force you to do this. No one can stop you from doing it. As you study and learn, your job will get easier and more lucrative. It is your responsibility. No one else knows or cares. It is entirely up to you.

You can perfect your listing presentation and prospecting skills. You don't have to but you can. If you do, success will come your way. Who,besides you, cares? The sad answer is probably no one. Only you can learn to do a better presentation. Only you can improve your skill. The skill of how to do that must be learnable ( is that a word?). Find a teacher and learn this skill. If you don't learn the skills you need, it will affect your life more than it does anyone else's life. If you do learn the skills you need, it will affect your life more than anyone else's life. Whether you excel or not is absolutely your fault. If you do learn the skills you need, you get all the credit. Isn't a real estate career great.

Don't blame anyone or anything for any bad news. It is not the goverment's fault. It is not the bank's fault. It is not your spouse's fault. It is not your kid's fault. It is your fault. Take all the blame. You get all the credit. When you start to believe this with all your heart and soul, your life will start to improve immediately. Know that your success is entirely up to you. Don't expect or demand help or supervision from anyone. You are the the boss. You are the chairman of the board. You are the one, the only one, that can make it work for you.

Please forget about blaming the economy or the any other outside force. It is you. Only you can make it work for you. Take full responsibility for whatever happens. You will love the way it feels.


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    • First Colony profile image

      First Colony 5 years ago

      This is a good, and timely Hub. One minor point-in your second paragraph, I believe you meant to say cliche (unless you were talking about groups in High-school that all dress the same!)