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You CAN Do It! : Beat the Block.

Updated on August 25, 2012


Think of yourself as a superhero whose super power is having great ideas and your dark scheming villain is creative block! Here's how to defeat the big CB and get started!

  • Carry a notebook everywhere

Ideas are tricksters. They come to you when you're busy doing something, throwing out the trash at home or even when singing in the shower! Keep a notebook and a pen so you can always jot down any idea that comes to mind, no matter what you're doing!

  • Surround yourself with creative people

Being around creative people will surely make you want to do something creative too! Not only can they inspire you to make something of your own, you can get great ideas, tips and problem solutions from them too - just don't forget to find your own style too.

  • Be open-minded.

When thinking of ideas for a project, allow your mind to roam freely, without judging ideas as bad or good. A great idea can come from a silly or so-so idea, so write them all down. Wait till you've listed everything before choosing the best ones (but save the "bad" ideas for later - they could be wrong for right now, but perfect for a future project).

  • Take breaks

If you can't seem to think of the right design for your art project or the best introduction for your essay, stop what you're doing and take a break. Clearing your mind of all the thoughts and ideas you've gathered gives them space and time to mix wit other thoughts - the answer may be a combo of different ideas from unexpected places.

  • Observe

A lot of ideas can come from observing your surroundings, like watching how people go about their daily lives. The dress of the girl you ride the school bus with or the way your school janitress quietly sweeps the floor can inspire an idea - whenever by making a short story, a blog theme, a design pattern a do-good project and a lot more.

  • Allow your to make mistakes

So what if the cardboard you cut out isn't as straight as it should be? There's no reason to think that you're not good enough. You made a mistake and no sulking can bring it back to its original form. The best way to deal with it is to accept your mistake, learn your lesson and move on without letting that teeny-tiny boo-boo stop you from going to the next step.

  • Do the first easy step.

Who says you need to take fhe first step first? if step number seven is easy to do, start there. If you're stuck stating at the space on the sheet where the title of your essay should, be skip it and write down your topic ideas first. Or even your ending. What's important is that you send your time being active in any way you can.

  • Stick to your schedule

Set a regular time for working on a project, whether it's homework time, piano practice time or write-my-future-novel-time. Do that activity in that time no matter what, even if you don't feel like it. Building the discipline of sticking to a commitment and not letting you feelings rule will pay off.

  • Recognize and remove distractions.

Not getting enough research done? Maybe because the facts you need aren't onTwitter, Facebook or Tumblr. Or, maybe your cell phone is king your hands away from your notebook and pen. Even normally good things like cleaning your room or bonding with your brother (okay, just playing videos games) can be distractions if you know you're doing them just to avoid working. Be honest about what your traps are and either do them first to get them out of the way (clean your desk, then start writing) or get rid of them completely - you can't get rid of your brother, but you can tell him play times comes after you finish what you promised to do.

  • Think if the consequences

What's gonna happen if you don't do your work? Thinking of the consequences will snap you back into reality when your mind is clouded with "I don't wanna do this right now" thoughts.

  • Finish something.

Make it a point to finish something, anything, insteaf of saying "I'll finish the rest tommorow," complete what you need to get done. Never mind if it's not perfect - bad even. Just set aside another time to focus on fixing it up till it's ready.

  • De-fang your fear

Most of the time, the reason why you take so long before you start doing your tasks (like assingnments, projects or even chores mom asks you to do) is because you think of it as something that's hard to accomplish. Face you fear and start with what you thing is the hardest taks for the day, so when you finish, everything else will come easily.

  • Do the Work!

Inspiration is good, but wating for it to come all the time may result in not getting anything done -at all. Use these tips to help you get going while you wait for your great ideas to come.


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