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You Can Do It! The No Diet Way To A Perfect Body In 30 Days!

Updated on June 2, 2010

You can pull trucks with your perfect body!

This may sound like yet another dietgimmick, but I assure you, this involves no dieting at all and isincredibly effective. It's only a matter before I'm on Oprah's couchdiscussing this with her and Dr Phil, tag teaming that weird colonobsessed doctor who insists that fiber is the secret to life.

Achieving your ideal body is simply amatter of changing the way you think.

The Problem

It is difficult to change the way thebody looks and feels. Exercising is difficult and takes up valuabletime that could be utilized watching television, playing games orinteracting with one's family and / or friends. Nutritious foodtastes like sand, is expensive and hard to come by. Monsanto havepatented pretty much every food on the planet and engineered it intoa chemical resistant monstrosity incapable of breeding on its own.Organic food can often only be obtained by shopping at hippie storeswhere the clouds of smug are so thick as to cause breathingdifficulties in adults and children.

All these obstacles ass up to aseemingly insurmountable wall standing between you and thatperfect body you dream about.

So how can I guarantee you that you canattain your perfect body in 30 days without leaving the comfort ofthe home hideaway you've created for yourself? It's simple. Here'sthe secret. Ready? I am going to give this away for free, because Ithink that everyone should be able to experience and enjoy theirperfect body.

The Secret To An Ideal Body: It's hardto change the body, but it is easier to change one's mind.

Instead of your ideal body being a leantoned exercise machine, revise your ideal body to fit your currentphysical situation. Is your posterior the perfect size and thicknessfor the groove on your couch? Excellent! You've already achieved anideal butt!

Do you have double chins? Perfect!You're doing the world a favor by having a spare ready should anyoneneed one.

Are you wider than the average airplaneseat? Great! Your fellow passengers will feel comforted by your bulk.

Of course, if your weight is causingmedical problems, such as impending premature death, you may want tolook at revising your diet and engaging in some form of exercise. If,on the other hand, you are an average human being who feels terribleabout the fact that their stomach is not toned and their legs willnever fit into a pair of teen skinny jeans, this program is for you.

Say it once, say it twice, say it threetimes: I am perfect just the way I am.


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    • mejane profile image

      mejane 8 years ago from Jacksonville Beach

      Love it! I am proud that I could probably out float anyone and chances of survival in the open sea are pretty great (aside from shark attacks of course).

      Thank God for that butt fat, because I swim like a rock.

    • Hope Alexander profile image

      Hope Alexander 8 years ago

      Hi Spindzy, I'm not sure what my 'normal' programming is supposed to be, but feel free not to read anything that has a title that obviously doesn't interest you :D

    • profile image

      Spindizy 8 years ago

      Hope, I love your hub, and your writings, and im glad you are a prolific hubber, but can we please return to "normal" programming, and not susan boyle, bobbit, tom cruise, swine flu, cheetos, or toothaches? I have google news for those things, and I get really tired of hearing about them :)