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You Can Give Up Cigarettes Without Quitting

Updated on February 23, 2015

Cary Grant, the great movie star of the 30s and 40s reportedly quit smoking by saying to himself over and over “Your teeth are yellow, your fingers are yellow and your breath stinks.”

If the power of vapor and e-cigarettes were around back then, quitting would have been easier for him.

You want to quit. You SHOULD quit cigarettes. They shorten your life AND can ruin your physical appearance.

But how do you quit? Cigarettes have been said to be as addictive as heroin. Gum and patches and even drugs MAY help, but they often don’t.

But we have a better way. Using Longhorn Vapor products -- e-cigarettes -- you can quit cigarettes in a safe, effective way. The beauty of Longhorn Vapor Products is that they can give you the FEELING of smoking a cigarette but YOU can control the nicotine. You can control our life again.

Why Should You Quit?

You know you should quit. But you need a solution – and that solution can be found at Longhorn Vapor Company. Let’s put it simply: We offer the products that offer the easiest path to quitting. It’s the easiest way to change from smoking cigarettes to vaping. And it may be the easiest way to quit cigarettes. It looks and feels like a cigarette. You hold it like one, you SMOKE it like one. BUT without dangerous tar and some of the chemicals that come from cigarettes

You may have heard horror stories about what might be in e-liquids -- well, here’s what we know is in cigarette smoke: carbon monoxide (like from your car exhaust), formaldehyde (which they use to embalm people -- you can wait to be embalmed, right?), ammonia (you clean your toilet with this), hydrogen cyanide (kills people), arsenic (kills more people), and DDT (developed to kill bugs, but also kills people).

And do you know what the biggest dirty little secret is about cigarettes. It is the paper. The paper is where they hide the nicotine. The paper is also laced with sugar to improve the taste of the nicotine. And you know what – the burning of the paper and the sugar is the most dangerous and carcinogenic acts of the whole smoking process. And you know what is also highly addictive in addition to nicotine – burnt sugar! That is right, in addition to having a potential nicotine addiction cigarettes can also give you a burnt sugar addiction.

And what comes between you and those chemicals? A spun cellulose filter (filled with plastic fibers, BTW). And can you control the nicotine in your cigarette? No. Nicotine is what you want, but as a bonus you get all these other chemicals.

E-cigs help you control your life. You. Not someone in a big tobacco office.


So if you know it or not, that’s what you smoke for. Sure, there’s flavor and brand loyalty and the rumored subliminal power of the pack design. But what you really want is nicotine. Nicotine is both a stimulant and a relaxant. It increases metabolism. It’s also addictive. It makes you feel good and it’s addictive because it makes you feel good. How dangerous is Nicotine is open to debate. What isn’t up for debate is that nicotine isn’t close to the most dangerous stuff in your traditional cigarettes.

Cigarettes are a nicotine delivery system. A flawed nicotine delivery system because while you may be aware of the dangers of nicotine (a known carcinogen -- no argument about that), but, like we said last time, you’re getting a lot of stuff you’re not bargaining for with your nicotine.

We’re taking care of that. At Longhorn Vapor Company, you know what you’re getting. And you’re in charge. Are you really in charge with each cigarette? You smoke? You might think you are.

Low Nicotine and low tar cigarettes sure seem like a good idea. And big tobacco sure spent a lot of money advertising them. But do you know how they do that?


Tiny holes in the filter of your cigarette. The idea is that these holes will bring in more air when you take a drag. More air = less tar and nicotine.

Except think about how you smoke a cigarette. Where do you hold it? Right. By the filter. The filter with the holes in it. The holes that your fingers cover up. Fingers on filter = MORE tar and nicotine.

But by purchasing your eLiquids from Longhorn Vapor Company, you can control the amount of nicotine you get precisely. Our e-liquids come in varying percentages of nicotine. It’s the liquid, not the holes that controls your hit. You can go down by steps and, when you’re nicotine free, you can continue to vape just for the flavors.

Let’s see a cigarette do that?

BTW: There were experiments with nicotine-free cigarettes. They died on the rack because they tasted like dirty sweat socks. We make nicotine-free e-liquids you can vape in cinnablaze, peach and coffee. We don’t think dirty sweat socks is a flavor that will fly.

Chew or Vape?

Nicotine gum has been a popular way for people to quit smoking. It usually comes in 4mg or 2mg doses and studies show that somewhat less than that is absorbed when the gum is used properly. The gum comes in a variety of "flavors" and we use quotation marks because how much flavor can something have when the effect it's supposed to have is described as "peppery".

Maybe you like chewing gum. We do. But it's not smoking. Smoking is in and out. Chewing is up and down.

Vaping is in and out.

Using a vaping device from Longhorn Vapor Company not only allows you to control the amount of nicotine delivered more precisely, but we add flavor. Real flavors. Not anything described as "peppery" unless you want it to be peppery. And you puff on any of our vaping devices just like you do a cigarette.

And you control the nicotine. Precisely. It's on each bottle you buy. And when you don't want nicotine? We have you covered there, too. We have products that are pure flavor -- no nicotine.

Sure. You can go with pure flavor with gum. But you have to go through "Peppery" to get there.

Patches Are For Pirates

Like a lot of kids, I fell down a lot until I turned, oh, say 10 years old. My mom kept a pile of iron-on patches in a drawer that she could put on the knees of my jeans. When I hear about "the patch", I still think of skinned knees.

And I hated skinned knees.

The patch is a tried and true way to quit smoking -- by which I mean it's about as effective as any other way. I used it to quit smoking. Twice. No. Wait. Maybe I used it three times and gum twice. I get mixed up.

The thing is, everyone's different. It worked for me, but I went back to cigarettes. The only thing that got me off - REALLY OFF - cigarettes was my first e-cig.

By the way -- did you know that the patch can cause rashes and burns? Not just from the nicotine, but from the latex on it. That's why they tell you to put it in a different spot every day. And it doesn't really take the cravings away. It (in theory) delivers a steady stream of nicotine over the day. And what smokers are really used to it that "hit" they get from each cigarette.

No way of quitting is perfect. Some are just easier than others. And with a Longhorn Vapor Company product you're know we have your back in the long process.


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