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You Can Heal Your Life

Updated on May 26, 2011

The Power of Repetition

If you are told something often enough chances are you will start to believe it.

We all undergo some form of brain washing as children. We can all remember some pet phrases our parents used but few realise how powerful a tool repetition is when you want someone to believe something.

How many times has a child been told that "he is just like his father" or "she is a cut-out of her mother". Why then are we surprised when the child then develops those very traits we keep telling them they have?

The evidence for the power of repetition can be seen in the way TV commercials are repeated over and over and so often that it is not uncommon to hear our children repeating these commercials word for word and singing the accompanying songs.

Affirmations and Suggestions

Why not use the power of repetition to take on board beliefs that you wish to hold as your own? By repeating a belief often enough you can force your subconscious to accept it as your own. Once the subconscious has accepted the belief then it will start attracting to you everyone and everything to support that belief.

So let's say you believe you are no good at mathematics and there is lots of evidence to support this belief. Perhaps you have failed all your maths tests and examinations and your mind goes blank every time you are asked something that involves mathematics.

There is little point in saying over and over again to yourself that you are good at mathematics because your conscious mind simply won'y buy it! The conscious mind is like a bouncer standing in the doorway to your subconscious and won't let any ideas pass which are not already part of your belief system. You will have to be a bit more creative to get past the bouncer.

A very simple trick is to say something that seems plausible and get the bouncer to consider. An example would be to say, " Every day I keep receiving evidence that indicates that I am getting better at mathematics." The way this sentence is phrased will cause the conscious mind to look for this evidence and in so doing creates the improvement you seek. This is an example of a positive affirmation or suggestion.

There is areal skill in creating effective affirmations and suggestions and when used in combination with Self -Hypnosis have to power to create amazing changes in your life.

Affirmations to cure disease

Affirmations are not just useful in changing our beliefs about our abilities in certain areas. Affirmations can also be used to heal physical conditions. If you believe that we are more than our minds and our bodies and that our bodies, minds and spirits are connected to and interact with each other then you can understand how our beliefs can create feelings that can impact upon our physical bodies.

Negative thoughts and feelings over a long period of time may eventually manifest as the physical disease if we don't address the the feelings that caused this disease in the first place.

An example of what I mean is to consider a condition like cancer. If you accept that cancer is caused by a certain train of thought which gives rise to feelings that impact the physical body in such a way as to produce the symptoms we call cancer then here is apossibility for such a negative train of thought:

"I am deeply hurt. I harbour deep resentment for a very long time. I have a deep secret and my grief is eating me up. The hatred I feel can sometimes be all consuming. I see no point in it all, what is the use of it all?"

To counteract this negative thought form here is an example of an affirmation a cancer sufferer could write down and repeat regularly like a mantra:

"I lovingly forgive and release all of the past. I choose to fill my world with joy. I love and approve of myself."

Louise L. Hay

Your body is the canvas upon which your subconscious paints your feelings. You physically manifest how you feel about yourself and the world you live in.

I highly recommend Louise Hay who I consider to be an authority on the power of positive affirmations to heal yourself.

In her book You Can Heal Your Life she describes the thoughts that give rise to all the major physical diseases and the affirmations to counteract each.

It is truly miraculous what we can do by applying the laws that govern our well being instead of trying to make our own up. Swimming with the current is always less arduous and gets you further as long as you know where you want to go!

You Can Heal Your LIfe by Louise Hay

Louise Hay is a woman who walks the talk. She has used the concepts outlined in this amazing book to cure herself of cancer.

The book expalins how we are more than just physical entities and that our emotional and spiritual aspects have a great bearing on our physical well being.

She explains that the body is a canvas and we shape our physical form by our thoughts and emotions. Negative thoughts and emotions are going to negatively impact on our physical bodies and that is the basis for disease in the world.

She relates each physical symptom to a negative thought form and gives the remedy for that thought form by way of an affirmation to cancel the disease.

It makes sense that a positive will cancel a negative (+1 -1 = 0)

What the mind creates the mind can destroy.

To buy the book "You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay" from Amazon click this link.

You Can heal Your Life - The Movie


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