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You Can Walk and Grow Thin - By a Dress Size or Two

Updated on December 2, 2014

You can walk and grow thin

All you need is comfy shoes
All you need is comfy shoes

Why Walking?

You can lose weight, tone up, feel great and gain strength ... simply by walking. Yes! It is possible.

Everyone can walk - if you have two legs and are reasonably healthy - you can walk.

Walking is the natural exercise. It doesn't require any financial investment - other than supportive comfy shoes and for as little as 20 minutes a day (less time than your favourite sit-com), you can begin to gain fitness and work off some calories.

Walking is known to release 'nice' endorphins that help make you feel relaxed and happy. Walking is a great way to see your neighbourhood and meet people.

For long term weight loss, to shed centimetres off your waistline, and to be able to keep the weight off long term - you can't go past walking.

Walking briskly and swinging your arms uses most of the muscles and bones in your beautiful body, without 'stressing' them. Walking can 'rev up' your metabolism and it is a wonderful way to get going and get active again if you haven't been very active for a while.

Walking works

With 100 days countdown to my daughter's wedding, I decided to embark upon a walking regime of one hour a day, every day, and simply try to make healthier choices with my diet.

By the week of the wedding I had slimmed down, firmed up and had dropped two dress sizes - easily - without strenuous exercise of strict dietary restrictions.

Just get out there and walk
Just get out there and walk

Consistency is the key

In consistency lies the power, the key to change. Even walking as little as 20 minutes every day will produce large benefits over time.

It is what you do regularly, day in and day out, that makes a big difference over time. So, be consistent. Each day, even if it is just for as little as 10 minutes, go for a walk. Over time it will reap benefits to your health and your waistline.

Incidental walking

Never underestimate the value of an active lifestyle. Remember, before exercise became popular ... there was activity.

Incidental walking does add up and it does make a difference to your life. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator. Walking the dog. Walking the kids to the park and playing games with them. Walking to the local shop to get the paper. Over weeks and months, incidental walking makes a significant difference to your health and your weight.

Incidental walking does add up
Incidental walking does add up

The Value of a Pedometer

It is widely recommended that 10,000 steps per day is the target to aim for . You may be surprised at just how many steps you actually walk in a day, for example, if you are an active Mum with young toddlers, you will most likely exceed this number by thousands of steps.

You can burn approximately 1 calorie for every 25 steps you walk, which is great incentive to start stepping it out - one step at a time.

Walking is a fun way, and an easy way to get healthy and slim down.


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