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You Just Can't Lose That Weight, Can You?

Updated on July 12, 2008

Fat of skinny? Says who?

Who determines what "fat" really is?
Who determines what "fat" really is?

How Do You Get Fat?

There are so many people looking for a way to lose weight that it has become a major money-maker for just about anyone looking for a fast way to make money. Fat is a big industry. Fat loss, that is. Just about every person will, at some time or another, be compelled to lose weight. Some find the compulsion after just gaining a few pounds while others wait until the weight problem becomes a serious health problem that threatens their very lives. Regardless of the reason, dieting is a part of American lives.

There are many, many reasons for this phenomenon and a few are worth mentioning. Why, I don't know. The reasons are irrelevant for most people because those very same people are unable or unwilling to do anything to change the bad habits that caused the weight gain in the first place, but while we're finding blame, let's designate the two most important and, by-the-way, easiest to correct.

The first reason, overeating, is the most obvious and the one that everyone tries to emphasize . Everyone does it. It's no secret. The problem develops when that overeating becomes a habit and the activity that is supposed to burn up the excess calories that have been stored as a result of eating too much carbohydrate or fat, is either sparse or non-existent.

We are a nation of abundance and we do tend to take advantage of that abundance. If something is placed before us or if we have an opportunity, we do take advantage. In essence, we're a nation of pigs! Sorry, but we are.

We reap the harvest and we partake of everything on the field regardless of whether we need it or not. It doesn't matter. We take what we want without considering the consequences. We live for the moment and the moment is rich. We don't think about the future for the most part. Rather we think about the now and how something makes us feel to have it NOW. We're entitled, aren't we, gluttons that we are?! Don't save it, don't leave it until tomorrow when it may be more needed. No, if it's there...take it and use it now to make you feel good.

Wow! That's pretty graphic and cruel sounding isn't it? But you know, there's a lot of truth in it. We eat regardless of whether or not we actually need to eat. We eat because we like the taste of something. We are literally addicted to food. With all the media hype of food going on, it's really no wonder. Most of the visual media programs about food make you want it so badly that you forget that you don't really need it at all. Sure, you need enough to keep you going and maybe a little more but all those rich foods touted by the food industry on TV, are they really good for you? I don't think so. Not in excess.

Food is only necessary in that it provides us the energy to run our bodies. We overindulge in it frequently and the media has made this overindulgence seem to be "ok." Don't you think it's amazing that they want you to eat like swine and yet they emphasize the anorexic-like bodies of fashion models as being the perfect bodies. There's just something wrong with that, don't you think?

The sad thing is that the American people are falling for it, hook, line and sinker. America is buying into overindulgence of food and as a result, we are becoming a nation of piglets, getting fatter and fatter all day.

This brings us to our second obvious finger pointing session. We are becoming lazier and lazier. Yea, there are a lot of gyms opening but have you ever really considered that the vast and I mean the VAST majority of their members don't follow their exercise programs for more than six months, tops? That's right, most people simply quit working out after three, four or six months. A few do keep it up and are justly rewarded. The rest start, stop, regain the weight, exercise for a while and stop numerous times. Finally, most people just quit altogether.

Have you noticed that there are no more children playing in the streets or on lawns or even on school grounds? People have become so paranoid, so afraid to let their children be children that the result is a bunch of little piglets. The kids, instead of going out and playing with their friends, sit in front of either the computer, the TV or a computer game. Guess what they do while they're sitting there playing mind games? They eat. Most of the time, they eat junk. Do they need it? Absolutely not; but do they want it? You bet and Mom thinks she's doing them a favor by giving it to them. In reality, she's killing them or at least condemning them to a life of poor health habits which will eventually lead to health problems, some earlier than others.

In the 60s and 70s children played with each other all day long. They ate very little. They would rather have been playing and exercising in their own ways than eating junk but, of course, there was not that much junk food available back then and Moms knew better even then. Food packed with sugar and empty carbohydrates is poison and so many mothers are unsuspectingly giving to their children with the best intentions.

We eat, we don't exercise as a nation of pigs. What else can be said? It sounds offensive, I know, but as they say, the truth hurts.

Ask yourself if you're a part of the problem or are you looking for a solution? The solution is very simple. The change process is the difficult part.

There is a lot of great information out there that will help you change. Do you want to change your eating habits?

Do you want to understand dieting and how diets work?

God gave us food to enjoy but he made it enjoyable so that we would eat it for the nutritional value that it provides. I don't think he intended for us all to lie around eating everything in sight and getting fatter and fatter. Food is a useful power source when consumed responsibly and effectively.

Quit slobbing out and start moving more and eating foods that give you power and energy.

You want to live longer? It's a fact that people who eat less, tend to live longer and healthier. Quit killing yourself and learn to eat the foods that cause you to burn calories efficiently.

The point to all of this is that it is YOUR LIFE. If you want to enjoy it and make the most of it for a longer period of time, you're simply going to have to make some serious changes in your life and take control of your diet and your fuel burning capacities.'s not MY problem. It's YOURS, so YOU do something about it.


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    • profile image

      Anya 5 years ago

      I'm very slim and muscular. You know why? I exercise, eat the right amounts and right foods ONLY when I'm hungry. It's not hard to find healthy, great-tasting foods. As in GET OFF YOUR FAT LAZY BUTT AND EXERCISE. Look around in the fruits and vegetables aisle in the grocery store and see if there's NOTHING good. It's all good and good for you.

    • patco profile image

      patco 6 years ago from Bulgaria

      Losing weight is hard, but it is achievable :)

    • profile image

      Margaret 6 years ago

      Did you write this Gary? Great job!!

    • ahealthymom profile image

      ahealthymom 7 years ago

      I love your "in your face" approach because it's time we wake up and really think about what we are doing to our bodies. I would also suggest that we change WHAT we eat. Eating fat makes you fat and so will ingesting all the preservatives that we find in convenience foods.

      It's time to get back to the basics...REAL food provided by nature!

    • profile image

      Aleena 7 years ago

      Missing of fastfood is so bad but to be slim I've to.

    • catherine74 profile image

      catherine74 7 years ago from London

      Nice. It's true children don't seem to play out the same they did in the old days. It's not surprising that obesity has gripped the world the way it has. Hope a global change in attitude happens soon.