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You Know You Have Just Been Handed a Bogus Prescription When...

Updated on November 18, 2008

Jason's Top 10 Ways to Detect a Fake or Forged Prescription


Okay, this post was just for fun. But if you think these things are outlandish, print them and bring them to your pharmacist. He/she will likely be able to quickly add 10 more even more unbelievable attempts to divert controlled substances.

By the way...altering a prescription for narcotics is a felony! Please..don't do it.


10) The customer hobbles in ever so slowly dragging their limping left leg behind them. Poor chap. Then after dropping off the prescription hobbles away, ever so slowly, dragging their limping right leg behind them!

9) A somewhat shady looking guy, with an unmistakable deep scratchy voice, comes up to the counter and asks for the pharmacy phone number. He leaves. 10 minutes later you get a phone call for a narcotic prescription from an unknown doctor...with a strangely familiar deep and scratchy voice...

8) The 0 (zero) refills has been carefully and cleverly changed by the addition of a "1" to yield "10" refills. Of course...the "1" is in a different handwriting...and different color ink!

7) White Out. Need I say more?

6) The doctor's phone number is blacked out on the prescription and an alternative phone number is written. You call it and hear this message "Hi, I'm doctor so-and-so, and I can't make it to the phone right now but if this is about that prescription...yes I did write it for 400 tablets".

5) It looks photocopied (the BIG "void" watermarks across the front don't seem to bother him). But to make it worse...the identical prescription was brought in yesterday for the same patient! Hmmmm.

4) The prescription has been run through the wash, stained with coffee, stepped on, folded into the size of an aspirin tablet, appears to be dated 3 weeks ago from a hospital by a resident who didn't print his name...and you are bringing it to me at 8:55PM and need it in a hurry...

3) The prescription is for Jane Smith. And it is dropped off by the girlfriend of the guy who has a brother who is married to the person who has a step-child who has a very close friend named Jane Smith. That's who it is for. Really.

2) The prescription was written in Maine for a patient living in Colorado who was injured in New Mexico (oh yeah, please bill Workman's Comp) and now is bringing it to me to fill in Massachusetts. At 8:55PM.

1) And the most glaring and obvious giveaway of all: You can actually read the prescription...


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      10 years ago

      I once had a pt come in with a prescription for MS Contin 100mg 100 pills (not tablets) - and the instructions :Tell the patient to take them whenever he wants.

      Even better - the guy who they were for was about 25 - in perfect shape. I figured if you're on MS Contin 100mg, you've got to look a little messed up - like you've been in a car accident or something.

      It was a forgery - we called the police - the guy got 6 months.

    • profile image


      10 years ago



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