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You Need To Think Before You Act!

Updated on November 20, 2011

Okay, maybe the phrase, "Think Before You Speak!", is more familiar to all of us. I guess we've all heard that at school from our teachers, maybe in Elementary or High School, right? I remember being instructed to do so by my teachers ... many moons ago. So Mr. and Ms. "Teacher" please accept my apologies for speaking before thinking ... however, at the same time, please respond to my question. Why didn't you instruct us to "Think Before You Act"?

I believe we have been taught or "programmed" from early on to not use our minds properly. We are, pretty much, a reactive society. Just look at how lucrative the advertising and entertainment business is. In most cases, they cater to our emotions and to our basal instincts. And yup, sometimes we get taken in ... hook, line and sinker!

And emotions are the catalyst for reactionary states, which can be manifested in anger, fear, uncertainty, and other actions that potentially limit our personal growth. In other words, emotions are the basis for a reactive mindset. Unfortunately, actions based on emotions alone are not capable of producing creative solutions to solve problems you encounter. What thoughts pop into your mind if someone cuts you off on the freeway during rush hour?

Exactly ...

That's why we need to strive to operate in the proactive mindset. That's when we are at our best, in the reasoning "zone" and not in the twilight zone. Our minds must be used to benefit us, not for it to control us. Doing so will help us "Think Before We Act".


You can find additional information regarding the proactive - reactive mindset at Wellness Tips For You.


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    • glenns profile image

      glenns 6 years ago

      Hi PhoenixArizona:

      Thanks for stopping by and providing great comments! My bad ... corrected "teaches" to "teachers". Hope that was the only spelling error.

      I may have been operating in the "reptilian" mode! ;-)


      Thanks for the visit & comment, SunnySmiles!



    • Sunnysmiles profile image

      Sunnysmiles 6 years ago


    • phoenixarizona profile image

      phoenixarizona 6 years ago from Australia


      nice hub, you might want to give it quick edit though, a little spell check wouldn't hurt. But other than that it was a great read. Voted up and interesting.