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You The Addict

Updated on June 12, 2016

Many, many articles have been written about addiction and how to quit it, how addicts feel and the consequenses of addiction. But from reading all those articles one thing is clear, we don't realy know anything about addiction and how addicts feel.

Though some of my readers may claim this is controversial, I argue my points based on scientific data collected over the years.

Addicts want to escape from themselves for a moment.They have a lot of pain that is burried carefully inside their hearts and have hidden it for years.

First of all, what really is addiction? I will give you a clear and straight foward answer. Addiction is a temporary relief for a few minutes or hours but with bad consequences.

If we really want to know all about addiction we should not consentrate on the negative side of things, but rather we should ask ourselves what is good about addiction. What is it that makes a person an addict?

Marijuana | Source

Why The Pain?

Most addicts, if not all, have been abused all their lives with no one to turn to for help.They have been sexually, mentally and physically abused as children.

As their brain circuits develop they have a missing link.For example, when a baby mouse is separated from its parents immediately after birth it dies after a few hours, because the brain receptors of that mouse did not develop fully.

When people are abused as children their brain receptors don't develop properly.Their brains are susceptible when they do drugs. They feel loved, a feeling they have never experienced before.They feel a connection, they feel complete.

When dealing with addiction, one important fact people have to understand is that drugs are not the problem.Alcohol, heroine, marijuana, e.t.c are not addictive. Its just a myth.

If alcohol was addictive everybody who has ever drunk it would be an addict.People drink alcohol often, sometimes even getting drunk regularly but are not addicts. They do not struggle with alcohol addiction.They don't spend all day thinking about alcohol.They are simply not addicted.

You the addict

Can addicts really quit their addiction relying only on willpower?

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Why People Become Addicts

Dopamine, which is a motivational hormone, is produced in the brain naturally. Its a way the body rewards itself when you have made an achievement. But dopamine can also be produced artificially in the brain when manipulated by drugs.

When dopamine is produced in excessive quantities, the brain becomes dependant on drugs and therefore relies more and more on drugs.An addict therefore has to take more and more drugs to meet this demand.

How To Quit An Addiction

Just as it took years to become an addict it will take years to quit.For some probably their whole lives. Some people have tried quiting but always end up in failure. The problem mostly is that they are not doing it right.

You just can't wake up one morning and decide you will never touch drugs ever again in your life.This is called quiting the cold turkey method. As it may work for some people, statistics show that it doen't work for at least 90% of addicts.And for the few that works a third of them eventually relapse.

I personally would not recommend this method of quitting for anyone out there.

The way that has worked for most patients is changing habits by creating new habits to replace addictions.An addiction can be replaced with a simple, healthy habit like excercising.

A simple way to put it is that whenever you feel like doing drugs, run a mile or simply do push ups until the desire goes away.

Quiting drugs is more of a mind battle.It has to be fought in a mental capacity.This simply means that when you start thinking about drugs, simply pre-occupy your mind with something that is not drugs.

Talk to somebody when you have finally decided to quit drugs. Make a promise that you will stay clean. By talking to somebody you make yourself accountable for your actions thus making it harder for you to go back to that road again.

Make goals and reward yourself when you have achieved them.Create short tearm and long term goals.For example, make a goal not to do drugs for a week and reward yourself when you have achieved it.But do not reward yourself with drugs.

Finally, even if you relapse never stop trying new ways to quit your addiction. Always remember that two wrongs never make a right.

Knowing the truth about addiction will help us understand better how addicts feel and how to better quit addictions.Scientific research being done will open new fields of study in addictions.

Make sure to leave your comments and other proven methods that can help addicts.


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    • jobsmart profile imageAUTHOR


      2 years ago

      Thanks larry.

    • Larry Rankin profile image

      Larry Rankin 

      2 years ago from Oklahoma

      Interesting perspective.


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