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Something Divine in the Essence of Being Human

Updated on April 15, 2018
ValKaras profile image

Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

We Are the Avatars Surrounded by Deceiving Mirrors
We Are the Avatars Surrounded by Deceiving Mirrors

Imprisoned in Humbleness

Imagine that you possess a luxurious skyscraper with hundreds of rooms, some equipped with outlandish technology, and some with incredibly pampering ambient - but you chose to live in a small maintenance room at its basement.

Every day you pass by the elevator wondering a little what's up there in all those upper floors, but being well habituated in your little room, you never get tempted to explore. Anyway, you reason, you would probably be lost in all those unfamiliar rooms, and merely thinking about that already makes you nostalgic about your little place.

This metaphor could describe our reluctance to change our low gear model of functioning, with low frequencies being its main feature. Why do we refuse to take that elevator? It's like someone brings us a full briefcase of hundred dollar bills, and then looking at the size of our wallet we say: "Too bad, it wouldn't fit in here." It doesn't occur to us that by elevating ourselves to some higher frequencies we would change so much that we would feel at home in the new environment.

Yes, we might miss those good guys like Joe the lawn mowing man, and Fred, the bus driver, and even Lucy who comes every Monday to pick up empty bottles and cans. But what about all those happy, and smart, and inspiring folks that we might meet in our new reality? Oh, well, we say, we are not sure if we would be ready for all that happiness and smartness, and we are too busy to inspire ourselves for anything new.

Thinking about all that now I can't help but remember that fellow from Herman Hesse's classic "Stepenwolf", who inherited a botanical garden, and then destroyed all plants - leaving only what was edible.

Creators of All Our Reality, Its Happy Parts and Scary Ones
Creators of All Our Reality, Its Happy Parts and Scary Ones

Mini-Gods in Mini-Galaxies

Now, whether we are ready to see it that way or not, but each of us is a mini-galaxy made of some fifty trillion cells, which are made of even more molecules, which are made of an astonishing, astronomical number of atoms. Then atoms are by their mass so tiny that the distance between them is relatively like the distance from the earth to the moon, considering their masses.

When you further split those atoms, you get subatomic particles of a questionable mass flickering in and out of existence, and being more of mere information than anything material. Which means that at a quantum level of ourselves, which is equally real as this body we see in the mirror, we are mostly space filled with energies of certain frequencies plus intelligence orchestrating life in us as we know it.

Everything is energy and intelligence. Just like trees "know" when to shed their leaves; and flowers know how to make themselves attractive to visiting insects which will spread their pollen; and chameleon or some marine fishes know how to blend their color with their surroundings to make themselves "invisible" to predators - so everything else alive is sharing that universal intelligence of that quantum realm. If plants and animals are tuned into it, we can't even start imagining how we are, with our highly developed brains.

Yes, we are mini-gods with our personalized part of universal intelligence ruling within our own galaxies, our own personal space. That same god-like creative intelligence - just reduced to very low frequencies by our animalistic part of the nature whose frequencies are producing interference, like two radio stations mixing, and one with the crazy program outlouding the one with a smart one. Isn't that a pity?

Not Knowing May Be Better than Knowing Wrong
Not Knowing May Be Better than Knowing Wrong

Ignorance Playing Different Instruments

In our ignorance we don't see how everything living and non-living plays its part in the universal scheme of creation. With our mechanistic and reductionist views we even see our body as a biological machine fixable by chemicals - our heart just as a "pump", our liver and kidneys as "filters", and our brain as the "computer".

And those others of us go to another extreme, seeing a duality between the universal intelligence and us - while ourselves being merely branched-out parts of it - so they talk about a god being separate entity from us, someone to fear, to appease, to pray to.

Why would a god pray to himself? - we are one, just creating on a different realm, with a different frequency of consciousness. Even our liver vibrates with a different frequency than our stomach - although they belong to the same body.

Someone said it so right: "It's not what we don't know that gets us in trouble nearly as much as what we think that we know - but we don't." The whole paradigm of our culture market is reducing us to some insignificant particles of society limited to our fragile bodies that only medicine can keep alive and well, and only politicians can keep in order, and only religion can keep moral.

There is no place for our dignity of creators and self-healers in that artificially composed picture benefitting a handful of human specimens. We are all duped into trusting those of enough authority to make lies look like truths.

And yet it's not like that with all of us. There is a wave of the highly awaken folks scattered around this beautiful planet of ours who are silently growing by number and spreading their teaching while inspiring others to tear the cobweb of historical brainwashing from their spirituality.

Let's face it, folks, our much glorified forefathers were even more duped and ignorant than we are, and like someone said it: "History can only teach us how it never taught us anything".

It Takes Kids' Mentality to Know Something that Grownups Don't
It Takes Kids' Mentality to Know Something that Grownups Don't

With Frequencies of Happy Kids

Raising our frequency is nothing hard or outlandishly complex. On the contrary, as every master of meditation may tell us, "in order to be effective, meditation has to stay simple". Indeed, we can't meditate with frequencies of a non-meditation which are the ones of complicating our lives and making us sick and unhappy. Even Einstein said: "You can't solve a problem with the same frame of mind which created it".

Since our emotional energy plays the main role in our frequencies, we have to bring it to the stage where it was before we started complicating life and consequently messing up our frequencies. In other words, we have to reenact our childhood happiness in ourselves while keeping the wisdom of grownups to guide it.

Adulthood, after all, doesn't really seem to be like an advantage, as far as our emotionality is concerned. Have you ever seen a happy kid who was that way "because he was practicing some of those dozens of self-improvement modalities"? When properly guided, kids are happy, energetic, creative, imaginative, curious, loving, humorous, exploring - something that we lose in the process of becoming adults.

Indeed, if we didn't screw them up with our inhibitory measures, forcing them to be "one of us", most of them would become avatars, Mozarts, geniuses, healers, and powerhouses of creation. There is an enormous potential in each one of us, and raising our frequencies is not really about "becoming something more" but dropping as useless much of what we are."

By doing that, we could reclaim our status under the sun - the status of divine beings. For that's what we truly are, when we stop being who we are not. Indeed, we should stop raising our envious eyes towards some imaginary angels up there, and start seeing them in the mirror.


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    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      2 years ago from Canada

      Hi, Michael,

      Every time when I get an inspiration to share something with readers, I can't tell how it will be taken; but that's the risk I am willing to take. Simply because, even if one single person in a smallest way may benefit from it - it's enough of a reward to me. Now, since you have already written quite a bit as comments - why wouldn't you write an article instead, because it seems that you have something valuable to share? On the other hand, if you prefer continuing with comments, I don't mind. The choice is entirely yours. You got my interest, so if you wish, elaborate a little about the "Word", and the "Person" from your youth that set you on the spiritual path. Or write whatever else comes to your mind.

    • Michael-Milec profile image


      2 years ago

      Hi Vladimir. Carrying on three days later ''conversation" on this page is another sign of my semi-invlvement on HP, though being here for three years. I am not in "it" yet having enough time to take it seriously, plus some other factors as talking back to an author after your respond to my comment. Seemingly as being challenged to "defend" or to justify my position on issue I thing it’s just fair to do . Your above article is " heavy laden ." ( Wondering why lack of reaction to it ?) In my consideration, the spiritual matter is a must to understand and know since it is the mere basis of our existence. I agree with your that we are not in a debate of 'what is right' and that is perfect way to continue from there. Matter of believing / Faith is either we know or we are guessing. On this one we do agree "I don't follow any of the existing organized religions, even though I do believe in God." If our "opinions" differ it is only because of that "If". My faith is based on knowing the living Word which in Person met with me in my youth , filled me with peace and understanding giving me direction to finish course of early journey. There is no doubt in my mind.W hen I have need a confirmation to divine understanding either I read the Word or hear the inner voice which in every instance comes once only , always being right. No religion in the world is offering this knowing beyond description, perfect in manifestation personally available to anyone who asks, seeks and knocks.

    • ValKaras profile imageAUTHOR

      Vladimir Karas 

      2 years ago from Canada

      I think I understand where your beliefs are coming from; and it's perfectly fine that we are of different minds - otherwise I would be seeing Michael in my mirror. We are not in a debate of "what is right", but simply expressing our opinions, which are allowed to be different like the rest of our individual differences.

      I mentioned in a few of my articles how I don't follow any of the existing organized religions, even though I do believe in God. That would include every holy book in existence - an apparent source of your faith. I respect it, as well as I respect my own. However, I happen to be of opinion that there is a paradox in these matters of faith, and it goes like this : if Creator gave us a free will to use our intellects, then He could not "EXPECT" us to believe this or that, because then His very "EXPECTATION" would deny His gift of free will.

      So, I can't just kneel-to-believe, I have to believe first. As for "trust", to me trust is never blind, it has to be supported by an evidence. Now, we could go into a long discussion about a possibility that the evidence already exists but I may only be blind to it. Intuitively speaking, that would get us nowhere but to our starting point.

      Well, again, that's me; my mind may be "wrong", but it's the only one I've got. I do have a great respect for your quest to find the spiritual truth that you could live with, and some day to take it with you.

    • Michael-Milec profile image


      2 years ago

      Aww, valkaras. No doubt, you came so close to a point we could meet, then different wordings set us apart. We might see / experience /move in the exact revealed world of spiritual eternity yet we avoid to admit . Our source might be not the same chapter or verse, originally there aren't any chapters or verses, are simply words to receive and to live /manifest them in creative manner, as it has been presented to mankind during the Creator's visit while in human flesh, just to dare take him seriously, dare to trust, test it without fear; he is still the same here and now, everywhere ... In him we live and move and have our being. Ancient Greeks came after Job and David speaking identically or so...

      ( It's past midnight , have to stop. Sorry. One of my comments has disappeared , I let this go. Good night my friend.)


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