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You are right for 2011

Updated on January 3, 2011

4 Pearls for Building Attitude through Learning

The results you achieve in your career, personal and spiritual life will depend on the attitude you have and the actions you take to achieve those goals. You will be able to continue to grow by being open to learning and taking that knowledge to fulfill your needs and goals.

1. You need to develop patience with yourself during the gathering of this knowledge. Some of the learning activities will require putting your thinking cap on and require focusing on the opportunities laying ahead of you. This learning may be difficult at times but you will learn.

2. Persistence is a large part of the proper attitude. Persistence will carry you through the difficult times and when you get discouraged, keep at it as your persistence will pay off later.

3. Maintaining a positive attitude will speed up the growing process. By remaining inquisitive and questioning, the knowledge you achieve will lead you to a positive attitude. When you achieve even a minimal achievement, congratuate yourself for reaching that step. Your positive reinforcement will help you maintain that positve attitude.

4. Remember, what you achieve is up to you. It is up to you to take the knowledge you have attained and proactively take the action to achieve your goals. You must develop a clear picture of your overall goal in each of the areas (career, personal and spiritual). Once you have established the picture, you should put it in writing so you can refer to it every month, quarter, or annually. By referring to the written document, you will find it will force you to be proactive in what needs to be done to put the knowledge and goals into action and completion.

Patience + Persistence + Positive Attitude + Proactive action = Knowledge with success.


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