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You Can Do It. Why Not You?

Updated on November 8, 2019
Lindiweradebe profile image

Every step you take each day towards achieving your goals counts

Take a small step each day to achieve your goal


Success is doing what you were called to do on earth

One of the most difficult things for many people to take on board is that, very often, it is quite ordinary people who manage to achieve the most extraordinary things.

You can make a difference, right where you are and in whatever line of business you choose to operate if you hold on to your vision and keep chipping away. It all begins with your own personal belief about what is possible. As Steve Jobs so insightfully said, you have to first believe you can change things. There is power in believing in yourself. If you do not believe in yourself, you are already defeated. History has shown us that ordinary people have managed to achieve extraordinary results.

There is something about you. There is something that only you can achieve. It might seem small in your eyes, but the minute you make a decision to do it, your whole life will change. We are here on earth to solve the earth’s problems. What do you think your life’s purpose is on this earth? The minute you find an answer to that, start pursuing your purpose with all that you have got.

We have seen ordinary people doing great things, being able to help poor communities and making a huge mark on earth. I do believe we are all born to contribute in our small way.

Here are some examples:

Tiger Woods an ordinary black child was the first Black African American to achieve such extraordinary results in golf.

Nelson Mandela was in prison for 27 years, and fought against apartheid and came out and became the first black president in South Africa. He changed the cause of our history as South Africans and the whole world. The Name Nelson Mandela is very well known and respected

How will you know if the idea that you have right now will revolutionaries the world? You will now know until you try. You might not be Nelson Mandela, but you are Lindiwe Radebe who is gifted in motivating that young boy with a dream to pursue his dream. These were ordinary people from quiet unremarkable backgrounds, yet they achieved extraordinary things. Let it sink ordinary people like you and me.

You are a truly unique person that is why if you look at your thumbprint you are the only one who has your thumbprint. Isn't that remarkable? In fact, it is even more amazing than that because, as it turns out, you are the only person who will ever have that thumbprint. You already know in your heart that you are unique, talented and successful. God created you uniquely and there is no copy of you. You are the original in the master's hand

You are here on earth only once and this is the only chance you get to do what you were born to do. Do not waste your time on people who tell you that it is impossible for you to achieve the success that you desire. Ignore the negative people, they are actually communicating their own fears to you. Listen to that small voice that tells you that you are capable of achieving this goal and each day takes steps to take you to your desired goal.

Do not make the mistake of believing that life holds no purpose for you. You are called to achieve something significant with your life. So start by identifying your true life-purpose and then find the courage to begin living the life you were born to live. You are not going to master the rest of your life in one day, just relax and master the day, then just keep doing hat every day.

People are looking for what you are carrying. Your true life's purpose. You are here for a purpose. Manifest yourself and discover your life's purpose and then you will live a fulfilled life. What has God created you for? Find that out sooner in life. This is the unfailing path that will bring outstanding success to you. And, no matter what anyone else thinks, you can do it! It is in you and you are capable and equipped to do just that as you were created for it.

The greatest satisfaction you will have is doing what you were designed to do.


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