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You have lived to become a senior citizen. Now is a great time to start smoking!

Updated on March 17, 2014

You are a Healthy Senior . Have you seen your actuary chart? It maybe a great time to start smoking. Sex , Drugs , Rock and Roll....your life gets interesting

There is a new trend in America. Getting older , becoming a senior citizen , seeing your actuary chart and realizing that you might not live to be 90, may not live to be 80 or even 70. Hey you may have missed a lot of fun in your life. You did not smoke, you drank moderately, You never did drugs and never wasted time on the Rock and roll thing. Hey The new trend is realizing you are not living for ever and the older you get well maybe it is time to try something new? The trend of seniors just starting to smoke tobacco is going to be huge. The cigarette companies have no idea yet. They still look to hook younger people not realizing the aging market has nothing to lose. The longer you live the more likely you will get cancer so if you already lived long the effects of smoking might be beneficial. 1. you can lose weight smoking because the addiction takes away other hungers. 2. it can improve the sex life of seniors. 3. tobacco in the hands of the elderly is a status symbol because it can't kill you as fast as it kills younger people according to the statistics and reasonably you can expect to die of some other health problem at a senior age than from smoking.

It is catching on. Seniors are finding delights in cigars, cigarettes, imported cigarettes and pipes . In Washington State and Colorado they can buy tobacco spiked with the health benefits of Marijuana. People smoke because the addiction gives them the sensation of pleasure and that may also help the functions of the aging brain where there is memory loss or even Alzheimer's disease. Tobacco get the synapses wired. Caffeine and tobacco might even be more helpful together?

What is interesting about the detrimental health effects of cigarettes is the actuary numbers. most people who die of a cancer or other cigarette disease tend to start smoking before they are 19 and even as old as 12 and they live in to their 50s , to 70s without having any symptoms. So if you start smoking at sixty chances are your lung cancer might develop in about half the time so that puts you at over 80.

The great era of Elderly sin activities is coming and it seems smoking will become a stylish way to get old and die except for those holding out for a cure for mortality. That is just a risk one has to take. If you are worried about being saved by medicine or Obama care , or medicare from mortality then just think about being cloned eventually and not smoking once you are reborn again. Save your DNA samples now before cigarettes mess them up and start a bad habit while you can still live to do it.

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