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You in the Pursuit of Your Happiness and Building Pride in Yourself

Updated on August 18, 2015
You are the most important person you know!
You are the most important person you know!

Put Yourself at the Top of the List

If you want a rich and fulfilled life, you need to spend time and energy on what brings you joy and make decisions on what you want. You need to:

  1. Learn to be selfish—put yourself first
  2. Get to know you—your needs and desires
  3. Take action—set goals and move

You need to create balance. You are the only one who knows how to balance your feelings. A meaningful life is one of balance. You are the most important influence in your life. If you believe something is wrong—it is wrong. No matter what others say, it is your opinion that counts. So now we need to make you the number one priority in your life. Even if others depend on you, unless you make yourself as a priority you will not be giving 100%. You are your #1 priority.

Dr. Amy Przeworski, psychologist at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland states. “We get in the habit of not thinking of ourselves because we are so focused on meeting everyone else’s needs. Over time that creates this core issue of not being able to see ourselves as valuable enough to take time and space for our own interests and desires.”

Start putting your own needs first. Your life should not feel like work, work, and work. You are the most important part of your life. Work is only one part of your life. Put yourself at the top of the ‘to do’ list.

What you believe you can accomplish is true. But what you believe you cannot do is also true. You can get very comfortable with beliefs and they can become self-defeating. You can convince yourself to belief anything—so why not make it a positive statement. Start with I can do.., I will do...

Dr. Przeworski says, “Sometimes just getting yourself going is the hardest step, but once you’re started, you can find that you’re really enjoying time away from it all.”

Don't hide Keep yourself charged and ready
Don't hide Keep yourself charged and ready

Don't Let Your Batteries Get Too Low

First, visualize yourself in the present, not the past. Don’t repeat thoughts of your past failures. Think of what you want and the steps you are going to take to get there. The directions you need to take involve constant changes. You will look forward to the road ahead, be an active participant and move forward. Your confidence will rise and your achievements will soar once you start believing and trust yourself.

It is so much easier to move forward when you still have a little in your tanks, than it is to recharge from nothing. Do not get to the point where your battery level is in the red. When your energy level moves from green into orange, the danger zone, you need to read some motivational words to recharge. Remember nothing gets done by thinking. Some action must take place.

“Most of our responsibilities are continuous, never-ending tasks, and the pleasure you’ll get from doing something you enjoy lasts much longer than the satisfaction of checking off a to-do,” says Dr. Przeworski.

Do not start doing the same old routine. It didn’t work in the past and it’s not going to work in the future. Today is a new day and you are moving forward. Start your project in the middle. Do the part you enjoy the most-- first. What a new concept. Start with something you like. It is so much easier to complete a task when you like what you are doing. Next do something you don’t enjoy, but something that needs to be completed to reach your goal. Then jump back to the parts you enjoy. Alternate this procedure and before you know it, you have completed a goal.

When you get what you want, you are a winner. You should get up every day and be excited about what you are going to do. This includes your dreams, your wishes, and even your fantasies. The first step to achieving your dreams is knowing what you want.

You can dream it, you can get it
You can dream it, you can get it

Follow Your Passion

Fulfill your dreams

You do not have to change yourself. How would you do that? You are great, just the way you are. You do need to have some dreams, directions, desirers and wishes to give yourself a goal. What is it going to be to make you a winner? Start listing the hobbies, games and activities that make you smile. Our dear departed old friend, William Shakespeare said, “This above all: To thine own self be true.”

Don’t pass up an idea because someone told you years ago—you can’t do that—that will get you nowhere. This is about following a passion. You want to sing, doesn’t mean you have to be the next Elvis. You want to grow orchids, great; you don’t have to own a florist shop. You want to restore race cars- fine, you don’t have to be Jimmie Johnson. Get it? You can fulfill your dreams and desirers to any level to be a winner

Dr. Christine Carter, author of The Sweet Spot, says, “When we’re not laser-focused on a task, we’re able to tap into a very powerful part of the brain responsible for generating creative insights and making fresh connections.” That means taking a break makes us happier.

Dreams are your inner thoughts
Dreams are your inner thoughts

What are your dreams?

What do you love? Would it be baseball, hiking, reading, stamps, dirt, cars? The things you love lead to your talents. Some may be hidden and you never thought about them as leading to your secret desirers. Things that you love are the road maps to getting what you want. Think about different road maps that you use every day. Sometimes they are called directions, labels, GPS tools, recipes or guides. They lead you to what you want. Start now thinking of your loves as your road maps.

Not sure what you want, but know it is not what you are doing now. Your job is probably very rewarding. It gives you the life style you want. It pays for the basic food and shelter and the added luxury of college education for the kids, the cars, the pool, the vacations. But is it what you love?

“Be yourself: Everyone is already taken,” Oscar Wilde

You control your approach
You control your approach

Set Your Mood for a Great Day

You control how changes are going to affect your mood. You can make the choice to be cheerful, happy, optimistic and pleasant. Remember, your mood affects those around you.

Do you need a mood change? The purpose of a mood change is to make you feel better. The mood changes are different for each individual. A mood change for some may be a simple task like getting up and out of bed each day. The ‘place’ where each individual is at, can be a huge difference than where you are at. Some people can’t even face the day and others have too many things on their lists. This is why it is so important for you to start where ever you are.

Charles Rosenblum says, “On a bad day, I have mood swings—but on a good day, I have the whole mood playground.”

Next you must be pleased with each little move forward you attain. Two steps forward and one step backwards is still a move forward. Reward, enjoy and be thankful for each step. Tomorrow you will be starting closer to your goal than you started today.


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    • promisem profile image

      Scott Bateman 2 years ago

      It has taken me a long time to realize it, but plain old self respect is a great guide for making the right decisions in life.

    • Hazel Abee profile image

      Hazel Abee 2 years ago from Malaysia

      Superb writeup .. Like all the messages you shared. Very constructive informations ..