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Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude in Life

Updated on February 5, 2016

A Positive attitude produces success


A Positive attitude leads to success

Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude in Life

You are only an attitude away from success. The difference between successful and unsuccessful people in life depends on whether they are optimistic or pessimistic based on their dominant attitude and that will determine the outcome of all they have or lack in their lives.

People will tell you that others have made them who they are, that circumstances dictate their place in life. They will tell you that they can’t help how they feel. And yet, it’s not what’s around us that makes us who we are. In the end, we are responsible for the way we look at life and respond to our challenges.

Victor Frankl, survivor of a prison camp in Nazi Germany said, “The best of the human freedoms is to choose one’s attitude, in any given set of circumstances.” Maltbie D Babcock said “One of the most common of mistakes and one of the costliest is thinking that success is due to some genius, some magic, something or other which we do not possess.”

Success is determined by something within our control, it is a result of your attitude. How high you fly is limited by how you think than any other factor in your life. It was Ed Foreman in Dallas who said “It’s your Attitude and not your Aptitude that sets your Altitude in life.

Our attitudes determine a great deal of what happens to us in life

Our attitude towards others will determine their attitude towards us

Our attitude at the beginning of a task will determine the success of its outcome more than anything else

The higher you go in any organization of value, the better attitude you will find

It has been said that we create our own environment, physical, mental, emotional and spiritual by the attitudes we develop. Having a positive attitude does not guarantee success. It will definitely improve your day to day life, but it does not guarantee that you will achieve everything you want. And yet the opposite is true, if you have a negative attitude, it is almost certain that you will not be successful. I have not seen a continuing, successful person with a bad attitude.

The Negative effects of a negative attitude

You are where you are and what you are because of the dominant thoughts that occupy your mind. A negative thinker is like the man who swallowed an egg, shell and all. He was afraid to move for fear it would break and afraid to sit still in case it hatched.

When a person develops the habit of always thinking about what can go wrong instead what could go right, that’s a negative attitude. When a positive opportunity presents itself, the person with a negative attitude can’t see it and so won’t seize it. He will tend to focus on the obstacles.

Abraham Lincoln said that “Success is going from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm. It’s a good policy to refuse to accept the negative until you have thoroughly explored the positive. When you cultivate an attitude of positive thinking, it becomes easier for you to make clear decisions at critical decision times. It was Henry Ford who said “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.”

Negative thinking is contagious

The old saying “Birds of a feather flock together” tends to be true, you can see it even more strongly with people than you do with animals. The animals who flock together are already alike, whereas people actually change and become like one another by spending time together. I had a good smile when I saw a notice in a manager’s office that said “How can I soar like an eagle when I’m surrounded by all these turkeys?”

Negative thinking limits our potential

People cannot behave in a manner that is inconsistent with the way they see themselves. Negative people think the worst of the world around them, they expect the worst and so they attract the very thing or condition they didn’t want. It was Job from Old Testament times who lamented when he said, “What I feared has come to pass.” By way of example, the negative sales person is surprised when he gets the order, whereas the positive salesperson is surprised when he doesn’t get the order. Negative employees say

It will never work. We’ve never done it that way before. We’re doing fine without it. We can’t afford it. We’re not ready for it. It’s not our responsibility. It’s not my job,

In summary

Sadly, the people with the negative attitudes work just hard enough that they don’t get fired and the company pays them just enough that they don’t resign. They tend to be the unhappy ones. The people with the positive outlook in life see the possibilities and potential in every situation. They are the movers and shakers who make things happen, instead of waiting for things to happen, or even to wonder what happened? You win or lose on how you choose!

Live a life of positive expectancy, spelt, Expectandsee.

Martin E Louw


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    • Martin Louw profile image

      Martin Louw 2 years ago from Pretoria Gauteng, South Africa

      thank you Kathleen for your positive comments, it's good to meet someone who enjoys personal development blogs. my passion is to share with people what I have learnt over nearly 50 years in this market. My humble appreciation

    • profile image

      Kathleen Kerswig 2 years ago

      Viktor Frankl is an excellent example of how attitude makes all the difference in the world. Thank you so much for such a wonderful hub. I absolutely love your last line about "Expectandsee". I am a firm believer in the power of my thoughts. At any moment, I can choose to change the way I look at something. I experience a feeling of contentment when I remember this. Thanks so much for sharing! Blessings!