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Your Guide To Lean Hips And Thighs

Updated on September 15, 2015

So many women will tell you that every little excess calorie will go straight to their hips and thighs! There is legitimacy to what they are saying. However, there are ways to battle combat this.

The main reason why women store fat so easily in the hip and thigh area dates back to caveman days. When food and water was scarce, women's bodies adapted and stored excess fat in the hip and thigh area. It made getting through certain periods of no food and/or nursing during those times easier. It also is better for giving birth.

Women who have higher levels of estrogen tend to have more excess fat. Estrogen weakens connective tissues and directs excess fat toward thighs. Cellulite occurs when excess fat is pushed through connective tissues. Estrogen does serve a purpose and one of them is directly for childbirth. It softens the womb which makes giving birth a lot easier than without. The only issue is it just doesn't stop at that connective tissue, it softens it everywhere.

Fluid retention isn't something that only happens in the abdomen, it happens all over the body which includes your thighs. Logic would state that with the swelling and reduction of your thighs, as with any area, it weakens your connective tissue. Stress, specifically emotional, can weaken connective tissue as well. So making sure to distress is always a plus, and one that has many great side effects.

The obvious first step to leaner hips and thighs is daily exercise. Not only will this work out your muscles, but it will regulate hormone levels. This is a great way to alleviate mood swings, depression and prevent against cellulite. Blood circulation will improve, especially to your thighs, which will help remove the excess fluid. So less water retention! A bonus from losing weight in your hips and thighs is that there will be less weight pressing against your connective tissue, which in turn will help to strengthen it.

Typically there are pear shaped individuals and apple shaped individuals. If you are a pear shaped then you gain weight in your hips and thighs. If you are apple shaped then you gain weight in your abdomen. Out of the two it is better to be pear shaped because abdominal fat is very dangerous for your health.

Seated Pillow Pressed

As you sit on a chair, hold a pillow firmly between your knees. Make sure your knees are at a 90 degree angle. Exhale as you squeeze the pillow firmly between your thighs as hard as you can and hold it for a minute as you breathe regularly. Release and proceed as many times as you desire.

Seated Thigh Push

Sit in a chair and rest your feet on the floor with your knees bent at a 90 degree angle again. Place your palm on the outside of your knees and while you push outward with your thighs, push inward with your hands. Hold this position for a minute and then release. This will give your outer thighs and hips a good workout.

Seated Bridge

Sit on the edge of a sturdy chair with your feet resting on the floor; knees at 90 degree angle. Grab on to the edge of the chair with your hands. Exhale as you lift your hips, making sure your palms and feet are what is supporting your body weight. Continue lifting until your body forms what resembles a bridge and then hold for 30 to 60 seconds then release. Repeat as often as you can or want to.

Inner Thigh Flexors

Lay on your side with your head in your hand. Bend your top leg and position it over your bottom leg, with foot firmly planted on floor. Press your top leg upwards and do tiny pulses for 10 to 20 seconds. Repeat as often as desired.


Basically any squats that you do will work both your hips and thighs. There are many different types of squats. Lunges are also a great way to get those areas in shape.

Many exercises that are good for the butt also benefit the hips and thighs. Check here for my other article on how to get the best butt ever!!

Weighted Side Lunges

Stand straight with feet together, holding a ten pound weight in your hands. Take your left leg and step widely while bending it. Keep your other leg extended but straight. Return back to the starting position and repeat as desired.

Weighted Front Lunges

With weights in hand, step forward with your left leg and bend your right knee until it almost touches the floor. Push back up off of your left foot to the starting position. Do as many reps per set as you wish.


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