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Your Own Personal Evolution and The End of Time 2012

Updated on November 3, 2015

What if this entire lifetime is only about YOU? Exercises to Expand Your Mind and Thought

What if this entire lifetime is only about YOU?
What I mean by that is your evolution. This, of course, isn’t a new thought.
But take it a bit deeper on a more personal level.

It’s been said that perception affects the way that we view this world and the events that happen around us. Since all of us have our own personal stories and emotional reactions to things that happen around us, that more or less means that the baggage we bring with us from our life affects the very way that we see the world.

So, if someone did something to us that was good, when we met another person that reminded us of that person, we’d automatically react to them in a good way. The same would be the way we reacted to someone who did something to us that was bad. This is a pre-conditioned response to some event that happened to us in the past.

We beings on this planet are so wrapped up in emotion that it’s often difficult to separate ourselves from it. We are pre-conditioned to events, people and things from past experiences. So, in essence, you could say that our very perception of this planet is very limited and really has to do with what has already happened to us. So, our responses and understandings are somewhat limited based on past experiences.

What if all of those experiences were purposely put in place to limit your perceptions? What if all of the events in your life, good and bad, were created by you or someone or something else, to keep you from the real reason you are on this planet? I just might be some nut case who has come up with this theory to mess with you so it might be a good idea to test it for yourself. How? You may ask.

Well, the first step is to pull yourself out of your own head. Why? You ask. Because if all of this around you is really something that’s set up to limit your perceptions and keep you a prisoner then, you must first come out of your own head to expand your perception.

Eckhart Tolle writes about it in “A New Earth.” Go to a private spot where you feel alone and safe. It doesn’t have to be a completely private spot, just a place that makes you feel safe and comfortable. A local park is a good idea or in your own bedroom.

Start by closing your eyes focusing on your hands. Inside of your hands is a kind of energy. Some people will feel this very easily. Others, who are more logically constructed may have a difficult time feeling it at all. If you keep this logical, you’ll never be able to get out of your own head and will remain imprisoned there. This has to be done from an intuitive part inside of yourself. Focus on your right hand and feel with all of your being a kind of aliveness. Don’t force it.

It may only be a light kind of energy at first. As you focus on it, the energy tends to grow. If you start feeling it, you’ll likely notice a tingling or even a lightness in your head that just feels good. Let the energy expand throughout your body, if you can. Do as much as you can for as long as you can to focus on the energy and nothing else.

After awhile, you should be able to feel this energy with your eyes open. Throughout the day as you go along, especially when the day seems busy or fragmented, focus on the energy in your hands. You should start to feel the energy when you’re talking with people. You should do this exercise while your driving. Practice feeling this energy when you’re in a conversation with someone. Let the wonderful energy envelope you while you’re having a conversation.

If your thoughts are running wildly, stop them, and focus on your hands. Feel the energy. You'll notice that at first, it's difficult to think solely of your hands and the aliveness in them. Your thoughts are jumping in and taking your thoughts away. Slowly pull your focus back to your hands and the aliveness in them.

In the first couple days of doing this, you'll start to feel a calm in your being. People might even start reacting to you differently.

This is the first step in a series of steps to get to the point of YOUR personal evolution. It’s all about you. So practice this step and come back again as I’ll have another step ready, soon.


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