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Your Passion Can Save Your Life

Updated on April 11, 2016
Ben Brook profile image

Ben is a current student at Arizona State University and writer for the Odyssey Online.


Your Passion Can Save Your Life- Published on The Odyssey Online

Music is my life. I am extremely passionate about anything that has to do with music, but my main passion is drumming. I started playing drums in the sixth grade, and from the second I first picked up my sticks, I’ve barely been able to put them down. I get such a rush from playing onstage with different bands and rely on music and drums as an outlet so often I never imagined going more than a day without playing. That changed when I left for college. I live in a dorm, and I know my roommate would not appreciate me having a drum kit in the room. Plus, the walls are so thin I can hear people saying “bless you” through the walls when I sneeze. I tried to make time to drum at local music studios, but having limited time, being a broke student, and struggling to leave my bed kept me from playing. I slowly realized that not indulging myself and pursuing my passion started to take its toll on me. I became way more tired than usual, went through “withdrawals” where I couldn’t focus on anything because songs and beats kept planting themselves in my head, and felt unfulfilled with my life.

Pursuing Music in College

Now I know that sounds dramatic, but I went from drumming every single day and being in a musical environment to having to write research papers on the economy and European government. That’s a big jump for a humble drummer. I knew something was going on with me but couldn’t put my finger on it until I sat down behind my drum kit once I went home for winter break. It felt like I was back onstage again, and I could practically feel the lights and hear the crowd in front of me. I knew I needed to make some changes, even if they were small. I am still in college after all and don’t have the money to buy an electric drum set or rent studio hours regularly because, let’s be honest, dining hall food is abysmal and we need to save money to eat out a couple times. Plus, I have a separate “budget” just for coffee and there’s no way I’m giving that up. Once I came back I joined a band that owns their own drum set for me to use and ever since I started playing again I’ve had more energy and been much happier in general.

Pursue Your Passion

So whether you’re passionate about music, art, reading, photography, film, or anything in between do yourself a HUGE favor and don’t stop. Keeping up with the things that make you happy on more than one level can be the one thing that keeps you sane in these times of finals, elections, and just life in general. Once I let my passion turn into something that took on less of a role in my life, I started feeling like a different person. Don’t let the one thing that is truly yours get away from you.

© 2016 Ben Brook


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