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Your Purpose, Potential and You

Updated on July 25, 2019

Your Gift

Starting a new venture is a daring thing. You’ve been wanting to try new things for a while and have been looking for an opportunity to do so. The idea of stagnating and having a mediocre life is something that is absolutely terrifying to you. Thinking of a song by Mikey Mike:

My momma said "But Mike, don't you wanna be comfortable?"
I said "No! I don't wanna be comfortable!"
I wanna be scared outta my head and lost outta my mind
I wanna fall in and outta love a few thousand times
I wanna spend all of my money on my friends and on drugs
And I wanna ride around on a horse and give people hugs

.... And thinking Living a mediocre life scary shit.Not living up to your potential is scary shit. Just take a look back at where you’ve come from and how you felt and feel about not giving outing to your creative side and your talents… if you just take a moment and make a list of those talents.

I would like to elaborate a bit more on the topic of potential and talents and where I see it fit in, in the grander scheme of things, from my perspective of course.

Not sure if you’ve ever felt this feeling. Listening to someone who tells success stories about an interesting topic (to you) such as digital technology, music, physics, tattoos, wonder stories of people’s health turning around, barbering, consumer studies, I mean the list can go on.. And while listening to the story you get an sudden rush of emotion over you starting in your gut, an emotion that can only be describe as a sudden rush of gratitude that this specific subject exists. The greatest feeling in the world.

This is how you know and recognize your human spirit who has its own unique potential and talents... This is how you find what you are meant to do with your life.

This is how you unlock your purpose. By recognizing that this field of studies gives you an emotional reaction. Pausing and realizing that this is what excites you. You, meaning the uniquely created being that you are.

For many many years I’ve listen to talks on the importance of living your purpose and going out and looking to find out what my purpose was, but my biggest question and struggle was how??

You know how.

You’ll get this sudden rush through your gut of pure gratitude that the subject, the field of expertise exists and that you have the talent and the potential to give your gifts to the world through this vehicle.

And I think that is really how simple it is.

Might not seem that simple when you start your journey in the search for this moment because you might feel that you are pressured somehow to find this quickly and early in your life, but the journey is what it’s all about, constantly. Throughout life. And patience is something that will always be rewarded.

It really is a beautiful thing. Potential and the fact that we all have so much of it. I smile while writing this and feel a sense of gratitude about the fact that potential should just be unlocked. Amazing.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 The Purposeful Gypsy


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