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P90X Exercise Regime - a Guide

Updated on January 5, 2015

Muscle Building P90X


P90X - excellent?

The P90x exercise system created by exercise guruTony Horton gives you 90 days of intense training to define and tone your body and muscles. It keeps building up your muscles and work different muscle groups mixed up with lots of stretching and yoga. There is a minefield out there of different information, so here is my guide for how you might tackle the different tasks. It might sound like an easy solution to your problems, but in exercise that doesn’t exist. P90x has really great results, but expect to work hard- it is extreme home fitness, but the results will be really worth it. You should expect a large change in your nutrition and diet as well as one hour a day for extreme exercise, which will, initially be very hard on your body.

Phases of P90X

You’ll see on the information below that P90x has three routines to follow. If you’re new to it, you need to follow Classic. This is the ‘beginners’ schedule for those who haven't yet done P90X to work through. There is also the ‘Lean’ programme which is lite when it comes to using weights. Lastly the ‘Doubles’ programme involves double workouts during the 2nd and 3rd phases and is for those who have done it before. There is also P90X2 now which is a further development for those who have already invested in the initial programme.

P90X Training with Tony Horton

The Three Phases to Follow

Phase 1: Fat Shredder
Nutrition- High fat free protein, low carbohydrate and medium fat intake
Exercise- A regular routine which mainly follows a hardcore day focusing on a specific body or muscle group followed by a day of stretching/ yoga or similar.

Phase 2: Energy Booster
Nutrition- equal protein and carbohydrate, medium fat intake
Exercise- A regular routine of a hardcore day swopping some of the areas above to a different body or muscle group followed by a day of stretching/ yoga or similar.

Phase 3: Endurance Maximiser
Nutrition- high carbohydrate, equal protein and fat intake
Exercise- Initial 4 weeks, combines phase 1 and 2 to incorporate all the body/ muscle groups into a 2 week cycle, each one followed by a day of stretching/ yoga or similar.

Lean Meat is Big in Phase One


Nutritionally Fit?

Nutrition is also really important as you need to eat the right combination of foods and at the right calorific level to give you enough energy to complete all of the intensive workout. Food is limited in portion and to specific types so it will provide three quite different months as set out above.

You also need a to do a P90x Fit Test before you begin, to check you are even ready to begin. This allows you to do one at the end too and to show what difference to the program has made to you. You do need to have a good level of fitness before beginning the programme as it is very challenging and hard work.

To Conclude...

It's a very tough regimen. You should be entirely sure that it is something you feel confident doing before you move forward with it, but if you follow it to the letter others have found amazing results and no doubt you could too....but do be careful. That kind of exercise and diet regime could have long-term effects on the body that we don't yet know about....

The P90X Regime

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P90X DVD Workout - Base Kit

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