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Your Soul Is Medicine; Heal & Be Healed

Updated on April 28, 2015

Its Funny;

I never thought about things like this before. I met a person who changed my view on the world, I know what you're thinking, we all have met that person who broadens our perspective, or teaches us a valuable lesson, or shows us the meaning to life. Yes, well thats what humans are for, and that is why our connection with others is one of the most important things with this current existence on planet Earth. I was young. I still am young, but I know so much more today than I did yesterday, and that is the only beautiful thing about time; growing, learning & expanding. I will be an even better version of myself tomorrow and everyday forward for that matter, until my very last breath as a human life form. After not only devoted self study, but a very life changing process of how I connect through action with other beings, I started to notice a trend. Everything you do, every decision you make, sentence you quote, action you take, you are either healing yourself, or hurting yourself. It is either medicine to your soul, or poison. Yes, every. Single. Thing. You, yourself, choose how you want to spend the next 80 years of your life on this very complex planet. You could spend it infiltrating your body with poison, by hanging around the wrong people, devoting your life to something that doesn't bring you joy, or just by the thoughts you choose to think. Or you could be healing yourself. Day by day, little by little. Small actions lead to big changes. Whether you want to hear it or not, we are all suffering from something, and there will never be a point in our life where there isn't something we are suffering from. How we go about our suffering makes all the difference. We could befriend the pain, and turn it into pleasure, or we can fight with it. When we fight with it, it is only our true inner selves we are fighting with, our egos as you might say. This is exactly what the human ego wants, validation, and acknowledgment and pain. It does not know any better, it thinks it is doing the correct thing, and so do you by feeding it, keeping it alive and thriving. You choose your thoughts, so you also choose how much you suffer. You must first disconnect yourself, be fearless. Please never let anyone scare you, because not only do their egos want to control them, they want to control you too, don’t take in personally either, because as I have stated, they do not know any better. They are unaware. You cannot teach a canine to act as a feline. We make actions to better ourselves, we make actions to better this Earth that we live in. I may not know your name, I may not know what you look like, but I feel your energy because you are reading this, and you are sharing this Earth with me, and all the other people on this wonderful, intense planet. We all share the same place, we all share the same problems, the same suffering. When your neighbor is suffering, you may be suffering too. It is our duty as the human race to heal ourselves, and than go on to healing others. This is so important, I cannot vitalize this anymore than I already have. Please take time out of your day to heal yourself. Do things that fill your soul with divinity, pray to something, anything, believe in yourself. Hug yourself, kiss yourself. Start from the inside out, your thoughts, your body, your life, your love. Your heart will expand and grow to outstanding limits that you never knew existed! I promise, I promise, stop walking around with a clenched fist, open your arms and offer any amount of love you can. The smallest action, even if not seen, is cherished, and honored. You will thrive into a sense of individuality, going further into yourself and your life path. You will know yourself. You will be yourself. You will love yourself. You will be the most beautiful thing on this planet, and everyone you come across will be personally touched by your gentle embrace, and your healing presence. I do not care what any one tells you, follow your dreams, it is your divine life path to follow your dreams, and start the healing process. You are loved, so so loved.


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    • profile image

      Kai Mana 2 years ago

      You are love and loved!!!