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Your Subconscious Mind Does What You Feel Not What You Tell It

Updated on September 10, 2019
EvieSparkes profile image

Evie Sparkes is a published novelist, content writer and company director from the UK.

The Story Goes

The story goes like this.....I was rubbish at English. I never got above a C grade, my teacher said I was average....He didn't actually. This is a scenario. One example of why you might not believe you can become a successful write for example.

I said this to her. She said she never wanted to see me again....I can never get her back. Another scenario. A set of circumstances and events are stored in your subconscious. They are coded in, but they aren't hard coded.

A story is just that. Something that happened back then is just a memory now. It doesn't have to mean anything from this point onwards. A memory is not a physical thing. If you dwell on it however, you give it energy to continue to effect your current state. Imagine giving that energy to something else. Another story. The one that makes you feel good.

Change Your Back Story to Manifest

If you want something that you feel is unattainable or extremely unlikely because of past events that is what it will remain. If you are still trying to manifest something into your life an it hasn't arrived then no amount of time will change the state of play. Time doesn't matter. An ethereal being or the universe, or whatever you believe LOA is all about is not going to give you that thing that you really, really want simply because you've been waiting for a long time. Are you deserving of it? Of course, only you don't really believe that you are.

Your Current Narrative

Change your narrative. You are not stuck here. You can move on in any way you choose. The best and most effective way to do that is by imagining a different scenario. The same event but spun in your favour. It may seem like a pretence and a waste of time. It's not. The reason that you are not able to manifest that particular thing is because you are stuck in what happened back then. Your subconscious mind thinks it can't have it because of the past.

How to Imagine Better

You can do this exercise a couple of times a day and you only need to do it for 5-10 minutes. Imagine that event and imagine it better. A different outcome to the one you manifested back then.

At first it will feel ridiculous but after a couple of weeks it will begin to feel right. Your brain will know the truth but your subconscious will begin to accept this new version of events as the truth. Even if it doesn't fully submit, it will release enough to allow things to happen.

One day you will wake up and find you actually feel comfortable with this new version. You start to forget the one you experienced.

You've heard of people telling a lie over a long period of time and actually believing their lie in the end. You see, it's their subconscious taking it in and processing it as if. It's the same thing when you re-write your own narrative. Imagine with a light heart and have fun with it.

Getting uptight and wondering if you will ever manifest the thing that you want most will only serve to cause resistance.

The saying I want's don't get is almost correct. I want's can get if they let go and want just the once. The more you push for something, the further away from you it will move.

Get the feeling of the event or scenario as if you were back in that time. Don't feel it as another present event, but the same one only different.

Think of Your Subconscious Mind Like a Computer

Thinking of it in this way gives you some control. You are the programmer. You are the IT expert in this company!

What you say goes and the processor will never break or do something random. It won't make any decisions on its own because it works for you and only you.

It's your best manifestation tool and is underused. I'm not a fan of affirmations and that's because they are repetitive and they take a long while to kick in. I believe that's because they are just words. Words don't have the power that imagination has. They don't conjure up emotion in the same way that imagination does.

If you struggle to use visualisation then script your new story. Write it down exactly as you would like it have happened. Read it back to yourself twice a day and really try to feel the story.

As I think I may have said before. It's all in the feeling. If you can feel it then it is real. It doesn't matter that it wasn't your experience. As long as the subconscious mind believes it was, or at least believes it may have been then that's all that's needed in order to change things for the better in the current time.

Subconscious Mind Verses Conscious Mind

We are talking about two completely different mind's here. One is the rational brain that is visible on a scan and the other is unseen. It's an invisible super computer working on your behalf all day and every day.

It works with your conscious mind to deliver what you appear to want even if often what you want is actually the opposite. The subconscious mind works with your feelings and not the words you use to describe what you want.


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