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Your diet could be the problem

Updated on January 28, 2018

Time for summer

As if the holidays haven't been stressful enough, now it's time to get ready for summer! You know what I mean, it's that time when we realize we have to shed those extra pounds we put on! Unless you're one of those rare ones that can eat and drink with impunity, you probably have “lose weight” in your New Years resolutions.

Summer is comming!



Summer is coming and let's face it, we don't want to be looking like this in a swimsuit! Once the weather warms up there will be no place to hide that poundage! So, in a panic, most of us look for that magic pill to instant weight loss.



What is a diet?

The word “diet”, to most of us, is little more than starvation. The problem is, if we don't eat we don't get proper nutrition! It's this lack of the right vitamins and minerals is what leads to all sorts of health problems! I'm talking everything from lack of energy to type2 diabetes! After all, we know if you don't eat right we don't feel right.

A real diet absolutely must include proper nutrition! It needs something from all the food groups. Not only will this keep us healthy, it will likely provide the variety needed to “stick to” our diet. This is important: You will not succeed in your diet if you're hungry! Not only will you become irritable, tired all the time, and not feeling well, your body will naturally hold onto fat in anticipation of the long haul. You will literally be fighting yourself!

Do it right

Don't starve yourself

Malnutrition is one of the leading health hazards in the world according to the World Health Organization. It's not just in underdeveloped nations, it's prominent in industrialized countries too! In wealthy nations like the U.S.A or the U.K. it is caused by an imbalance of nutrients in your diet. Typically there will be too much of some and too little of others. If your diet doesn't contain a balance of nutrients- get rid of it!!

What about you?

How will you handle your diet this year?

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A diet is Physical !

Another flaw in these so-called “fad” diets is the lack of exercise. The only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you take in! By avoiding the bother (and yes, the work) of exercise we are forced to lose weight by not taking in adequate food. This is also known as malnutrition! There's that word again.

A proper diet will provide about 2000 calories a day for woman and about 2800-3000 for men. Of course this would be adjusted according to life factors of the individual. In addition it would have some sort of exercise program, again customized to the individual. It's simply burning more calories than you take in while still eating right!


Don't fall for fads!


Take it slow easy

In addition to the a fore mentioned factors, many fad diets concentrate on rapid weight loss results. Sounds good right? It's not! Rapid weight loss is caused by losing water. Water comes out in a few days and you will weight a bit less. You are basically being fed water pills without a doctors supervision! Unfortunately not only can this lead to dehydration, the water is replaced just as fast as it came off. So the rapid results you had are soon eliminated. Back to square one! Lasting weight loss is gradual, usually 2lb-5lb per week.



The spice of life

When choosing your diet don't fall for those that claim weight loss by eating one or two items everyday. Unless there is sufficient variety, you will soon become 'bored' with it and it will fail. And while we're on this subject, make sure the diet plan has a degree of flexibility! Things change and you want to continue the program with minimal interruption. Remember there is no “one size fits all” in dieting.


Remember this

In conclusion, the important things to know are:

  1. Your chosen diet must contain complete nutrition.

  2. Your diet must contain some exercise

  3. Your diet must take small steps

  4. Your diet must contain variety and flexibility

Let's do this!

So this year let's choose our diet carefully and safely. And, this time, we'll make it more than merely taking off a few pounds. This year, we'll make a full-pledged lifestyle change!

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