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Your guide to how to deal with extreme stress at home‏

Updated on July 19, 2015
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Sam is walking on the path of success. I am going through many failures or moments of opportunities to improve who I am.

What is this steam that exists?

When we go home, we might have a disaster sitting. As soon as you enter that door to your house, you feel that huge heat wave. I mean the heat caused by the arguments. This could have happened at one particular moment due to an unresolved issue or money. Many things can be the underlying reason for the tension. People will be extreme in reaction. Just as a warning, you will get burned, but you will have to bear with the steam.

Wait for the steam at home.
Wait for the steam at home. | Source

Pressure and stress at home is a normal given even you know that. Why? Because it is life. We must deal with the cards we are dealt. You manage life by the creation of your own ideas. Your home is the reason why you go out hunting for a job. We want to build the ultimate dream place at home. Some people deal with extreme environments to the point where you ask when is this going to end. This extreme environment increases pressure. When there is pressure, diamonds are made. But with this, we tend to build a little backbone and resistance. We become gracefully tough. We comprehend that the only way we can live life is to take life head on.


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How do you deal with an individual immersed in extreme stress at the moment?

First you must empathize (technique#2 in How do you deal with unhealthy emotions?) to defuse the explosive individual. You want to understand the individual. He or she will be more disarmed in the extreme reaction if he or she knows someone is listening. If you don't listen, I will warn you that it can escalate. Of course, you will come across individuals who will not even give the time to listen to you. That's just a hit or miss. Next, find out what is bothering them. You want to ask them in the right voice tone. Do not speak in a sarcastic tone. Look relaxed. If you are tense, then they will be tense. I focus mainly on this because I have trouble doing it.

Tools to handle the extreme stress.

We definitely want to pick up some tools along the way that can manage our mental state in this pressurizing environment.

1. Confidence

what kind of confidence are we talking about? The one where you tell your parents what’s on your mind despite how they will react. Be mindful though to how you say it because it can personally affect them. Make a joke out of it. Leave on a good note. I have personally used this and it works.

Confidence is essential in the family dynamics.
Confidence is essential in the family dynamics. | Source

2. Delegation :

If you have too many things to do, pass on some work. Make a system out of the task you do. Make everything fit together. While I do the main task and figure out how things are going to be put together, get others to volunteer for the minor tasks. When you give tasks to people, you want to do it based on everyone's speciality or expertise. If you give a task to someone who does not even know the ABCs of the task are, then they are wasting time in learning and going through trial-and-error to perfect the process. By taking these steps, we are saving everyone's time and energy.

Reaching out to give tasks evens out the work load for everyone. It should be like a fun relay race. I'm sure you remember your old school times.
Reaching out to give tasks evens out the work load for everyone. It should be like a fun relay race. I'm sure you remember your old school times. | Source

3. Help seeing positivity through your eyes.

This requires a whole new level of attitude.You not only have to see the positivity for yourself, but for others too. You have to believe that positive things will happen. When you do that, people will believe you. You need to speak with a convincing and encouraging voice. People will see or do everything in the positive light. To create that positive energy, you also want to get rid of their daunting thoughts. You want to get them motivated and say that things will get better.

We want to be positive for our families, so harbor the positive thinking in your mind.
We want to be positive for our families, so harbor the positive thinking in your mind. | Source

4. Organization needs to be put into play.

Putting things in order allows the household to act with a structure. Constructing this infrastructure of the house pushes you forward without putting conscious effort because it become engrained in us. For example, if you are a household that does not write a to-do list, then you will think about tasks every moment. But if you write it down,then guess what you would not have to think so much of doing it. The only thing you would have to do is find out when to do it. I have realized that this has taken a big load off of me.

5. Habit conditioning

You have to break many habits that cost money and/or waste energy. Bad habits take along time to break. In order to break those habits, you have to make it make sense why they should do it. Otherwise, people think you are trying to rule their lives when that is not the intention. Also, you need to suggest a new productive habit. If you do not use the power of suggestion, then they will use what habit is available. People will not want to change their habit when they do not have another way of handling some situation or person.

Another important statement:

In order to break bad habits, you need to lead in the right manner, so you have to give in when it is your mistake. Then we point out the mistake of others and tell them how they can fix the problem.

6. Tranparency

You need to have transparency amongst the house. If you need smart and accurate money-spending, you need to lay down what everybody is spending money on. When things are transparent, we know how much you exactly have. From the total, you can know how much to spend. In general, this has to be apparent in the life decisions you take because everybody in your life will have different expectations for you. Therefore, you want to let them know where you stand and where you want to go in life.

7. Relationship building

During those tough times, you would definitely want to emphasize on building a better relationship. Developing that rapport reaps many benefits. Tough times will determine how strong you will stand together. This will push both individuals in the relationship to work harder. As a result, they will do everything in their powers to make the relationship successful. Some good skills are an open line of communicaton. Be open no matter how much disagreement exists. Or completely cut the line of communication off if the other party does not care too listen to you or overspeak while you speak. A cold shoulder makes the message clear that the other person is doing something wrong.

Building better relationships is what gets you through tough times.  You want develop every social skill possible and put the pieces together.
Building better relationships is what gets you through tough times. You want develop every social skill possible and put the pieces together. | Source

Practicing great habits

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It is your job to solidify your family. Fix any flaws that you find. Secrets that were once in the background bring them into the foreground because they were the same forces that were holding you back before. If somebody has trouble revealing their secrets, then you must take the following steps. You must let it be known to them. Let them know its wrong and it will do them no good. Try to be on their side. Let them know that you know they had a reason for doing. This action makes you their best friend . You give them courage to tell this secret to parties that don’t know. Take care of the other party. This other party will try to bash the first party because the new party does not believe the first party. You want to tell the new party that it was an old habit. It would be beneficial to explain what is their psychology and how they operate.

Luck= The Add-on

Relationship building helps to capture luck. Luck comes as a benefit to working hard on your relationship.

Using tools

Of the tools mentioned, which tool are you going to start using first?

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