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Yowza Captiva Elliptical Trainer Review

Updated on November 19, 2012

The Yowza Captiva elliptical trainer is one of the most innovative crosstrainers on the market. It has taken the concept of a cross training to a new level with two very unique features. First, there is the Cardio Core Training. Unlike typical elliptical trainers that have handlebars that swing forward and backwards as you exercise, the Yowza Captiva has a "T" handlebar that swings left and right. The benefit of this feature is that it targets your abs. As your lower body moves with the elliptical stride, your upper body twists left to right, exercising your stomach muscles. The focus on strengthening the abs distinguishes the Yowza Captiva from the competition. The twisting motion forces you to work the abs. In comparison, most people tend to go through the motions of using the upper body feature on other ellipticals.

In addition to the Cardio Core Training, the Yowza Captiva Elliptical Trainer offers a variable motion stride. You get you get 12 motions that vary from a wide 18" - 32". This variation allows you to target different lower body muscles. In comparison, most elliptical trainers have a set motion that exercises limited muscles. Your body adjusts to the competitive motion, reducing the ability to burn calories and trim your body. With the variable motion you have a range of motions that stimulates different muscles while efficiently burning calories.

One of the most important feature of the Yowza Captiva is the durability, which is evident in the warranty. You get lifetime coverage on frame and braking system, 5 years on parts and electronics, and 2 years in home labor. This elliptical trainer is built to last.

The innovative features on the Yowza Captiva offer one of the most extensive and efficient workouts you will find on any elliptical trainer. Click here to learn more about the Yowza Fitness Captiva.

About the Author

Fred Waters is a recognized expert in the fitness equipment industry, where he has worked for the past sixteen years. He previously was V.P. of marketing for Smooth Fitness and has been providing fitness equipment reviews for the past eight years.


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    • fitnessmaniac profile image

      fitnessmaniac 6 years ago

      It is worth a consideration. In addition to being impressed with the quality, durability and stability, I found the variable motion and the cardio core training to innovative features that got results.

    • profile image

      southernpines 6 years ago from Southern Pines, NC

      An interesting concept in crosstraining. I may give the Captiva a consideration.