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ZYOPTIX, treatment for refractive errors

Updated on August 4, 2014

What is Zyoptik?

Zyoptik is the latest treatment for refractive errors .The correction of Myopia,Hyper metropia and Astigmatism gives better vision,better end results and is safer.Zyoptik allows individualized treatment for every patient to achieve 6/6 vision. Zyoptik has the potential for people to achieve a higher quality of vision back after the treatment.Zyoptik has potential to correct the irregular corneas and optical irregularities found in the entire eye, from injury or previous eyes surgeries.After zyoptik treatment there is no need of re treatments ,It basically reduces the glares and halos .Thus it is best for those who drive vehicles at night .It gives better post treatment visual acuity.Better vision is achieved by the patient even in a dull light because of the contrast sensitivity.Zyoptik Operation improves not only how much one can see but also how well one can see,( in terms of contrast sensitivity and fine details) .The best part of zyoptik treatment is that it is Significantly faster in treatment .

Zyoptik laser corrects lower and higher order Aberrations

What is aberrations?

Aberrations are imperfections of the eye that affects visual acuity,contrast sensitivity and over all clarity of your vision.

Aberrations are of two types :

  • Lower order aberration .
  • Higher order aberrations.

Lower order aberration refer to the refractive errors of the eye like Myopia (short sight),Hyperopia(long sight)and astigmatism. Such lower order aberrations are relatively simpler and only affect how much you can see in terms of distances.Lower order aberrations are corrected with glasses,contact lenses and Lasik procedure .But these are not the solutions that permanently correct your eyes.

Higher order aberrations are more complex imperfection of different parts of the eye causing disturbances such as glare,halos,loss of contrast sensitivity and poor vision in the dark which affect activities like driving.

Higher order aberrations could be corrected by customized wavefront Lasik procedure.


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