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Zalestrim Side Effects Things You Should Know

Updated on February 23, 2010

People with weight problems try to make use of all methods they come across in order to lose excess weight, and one popular method nowadays is the use of pills and supplements. There are numerous types of supplements by manufacturers who claim that the supplements can help people lose weight within weeks. However, as it has been said time and again that when the deal is too good one should think twice, it may surprise many to learn that most of the supplements in the market today are harmful in the long term and can lead to unprecedented complications. A common supplement in the market today is known as Zalestrim, but health experts are warning that the supplement can be harmful and that before using it, one should consult a doctor.

Zalestrim is not a new it and contains various elements that have different qualities; all aimed at helping you lose weight. This particular supplement is popular with women who want to lose excess weight, and regain their libido. Zalestrim is believed to help women have bigger and firmer bums and breasts. All these qualities are what most modern woman would dream of, and so the supplement has been popular with them. However, Zalestrim side effectsare serious and one should always be careful before using it. This supplement contains elements that trigger metabolism and suppress the urge to eat. It has an extract from green tea known as EGCG that increases the rate at which the body burns fat, and reduces the urge to eat. Zalestrim also contains ginger extracts that increase metabolism. Another major element in this supplement is known as black Cohosh, which greatly increases libido and makes one easily stimulated.

All the above elements may seem healthy and natural, but when they all combine, they lead to some scaring Zalestrim side effects. The prominent side effect that has been found in the supplement is miscarriage in pregnant women. Consumption of this supplement during pregnancy has been linked to many miscarriages, and one should always consult a doctor before taking it. Zalestrim also causes diarrhea to most people and this may dehydrate the body and leave it prone to other diseases. Some elements in this supplement work by eliminating the water and unused nutrients from our bodies, and if this continues, the body becomes weak and alters the functioning of electrolytes in the body.

Interfering with the electrolytes may lead to heart complications as the heart fails to pump blood effectively. Such Zalestrim side effects are not worth, and one may find them in a worse situation than being overweight. Nausea and constipation are the other Zalestrim side effects that have been reported. Others include high blood pressure, anxiety, and mood swings. In fact the foods and drug administration has never really proven the benefits that this supplement is believed to bring. The next time you think about using it, you should consult a doctor to be advised whether the supplement is fit, or they can recommend an alternative.


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