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Zika viral diseases: '80% can heal itself '

Updated on April 6, 2016

The experts concerned by the potential relationship between virus infection and the small head syndrome Zika in infants should pregnant women be advised subject matter and health monitoring.Vietnam had a pregnant women infected with the virus and are being monitored.

For pregnant women, especially within the first 3 months of pregnancy if the manifestations such as fever, rash, conjunctivitis, need immediately to the medical facility has been found.

The provincial facility or over has the ability to track when detecting any signs of abnormal fetus.Meanwhile, the doctor and will talk to give final conclusions.

He analyzed, currently, Brazil, a country noted for the many small brain case in infants, only 944/small brain case 6.776 relevant facilities to Zika virus.

Or Colombia is a country noted many cases of Zika virus infections, including many pregnant women song only more than 30 cases of fetus suffer small brain. So does the World Health Organization still continue to search the relevant evidence about the relationship is not yet clear.

80% of patients have mild clinical manifestations, asymptomatic and self off should not influence health. All the special cases of Zika virus infections are treated equally.
Zika virus is suspected to have relationship to the small brain syndrome in infants.

Kill mosquito is the only solution
Deputy Minister, effective measures for avoiding viral infection threads Zika is now enhancing the phasmid removal, wander, diarrhea.

The individuals in the room to apply measures to kill mosquito and avoid mosquito bites as dressing, use the smoking repel insects.

Aedes largely lay their eggs in the water drive clean in the home or close to home (pipes, gutters, Flowerpot, map case), alternate leaves, tree cavities, puddles on the ground, in the garden, water containers have many leaves.

Mature mosquitoes love to burn people, dogs, cats, chickens. In particular, they burned people in daylight rather than at night. So people need to pay attention to sleep th whole day avoiding mosquito bites.

The interpreter should implement measures to kill mosquito prevention processes such as hemorrhagic fever, ensure environmental hygiene, remove standing water supplies like the debris, tires, cans, shell.


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