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Zinc and Chicken Soup will Shorten the Common Cold

Updated on February 18, 2011

There is no cure for the destroying the common cold virus, but in lieu of that, using zinc has proven to shorten its life span by a few days, at best. However, to do so, at the first cold symptom you experience, zinc must be taken in some form (syrups, lozenges, tablets). If taken after 24 hrs. of its beginning, the impact may not be noticeable.

Studies on the effects of zinc use vary. In one study in 2008, found that cold sufferers sucking on zinc lozenges reduced the cold duration four days, down from the virus life span of seven to ten days. It also reduced coughing to only two days, down from the standard of five days.

However, none of the medical studies conclude just how much zinc to take, so it is anyone's guess. Many daily vitamins already have zinc in them, so save your money. Using antibiotics on a cold (or any virus) will do absolutely nothing. Antibiotics are for infections, which are not a virus. Drinking as many quarts of water as you can stand is good also, not only to cleanse your system but to remove the virus.

If all else fails, just suffer through it. In time, it will die and go away until the next virus bug. 


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