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Zi's weight loss

Updated on January 22, 2017
Zodiacimmortal profile image

Previously a writer on Squidoo 2008- folded. I write about entertainment, crafts, writing, beauty and anything else that inspires me

Diet without dieting

Yes You Can!!! I am doing it. I'm a picky eater and still eat all the bad foods I eat.

The beginning of July My Cholesterol & Sugar were a bit high; but when my doctor told me my weight and it was more than 10 pounds over what I thought it was, I kicked my butt and started to keep a journal. She wanted to see me again 6 weeks later. My sugar as well as my cholesterol are better than they were last time, they went down again but not where we want them but I am trying.

I have an assortment of things here to help US out. Myself and if you are trying to lose weight then you as well! (maybe we can support each other!)

*I've included how to figure out your BMR,

*substitutes for snaking,

*How I've been doing this

* printable Diet Journals

*items I use to exercise as well as a few videos

Me Through the Years - I hate being in pictures, and well lost a lot of my more recent ones

Click thumbnail to view full-size
My first Trip to Toronto Ontario Canada, I believe in 1996. (I should be 19 here)So WISH I could be that size againIn Albany New York I think It was 2009Our KitchenI'm the one on the Right! I know I was either in 5th or 6th grade or Jr. High SchoolCape MayYES! I have this cheesey shirt still, & not even sure if I ever wore it to a concet (for a laugh)In Cape May I saw these Giant hibiscus and HAD to get a pic.20102011 I don't think i have one for 2012 but will have to try to get a current picture for this year & start posting after few monthsOk I DO have a 2012 pic. This is in my Aunt & Uncle's back yard
My first Trip to Toronto Ontario Canada, I believe in 1996. (I should be 19 here)So WISH I could be that size again
My first Trip to Toronto Ontario Canada, I believe in 1996. (I should be 19 here) So WISH I could be that size again
In Albany New York I think It was 2009
In Albany New York I think It was 2009
Our Kitchen
Our Kitchen
I'm the one on the Right! I know I was either in 5th or 6th grade or Jr. High School
I'm the one on the Right! I know I was either in 5th or 6th grade or Jr. High School
Cape May
Cape May
YES! I have this cheesey shirt still, & not even sure if I ever wore it to a concet (for a laugh)
YES! I have this cheesey shirt still, & not even sure if I ever wore it to a concet (for a laugh)
In Cape May I saw these Giant hibiscus and HAD to get a pic.
In Cape May I saw these Giant hibiscus and HAD to get a pic.
2011 I don't think i have one for 2012 but will have to try to get a current picture for this year & start posting after few months
2011 I don't think i have one for 2012 but will have to try to get a current picture for this year & start posting after few months
Ok I DO have a 2012 pic. This is in my Aunt & Uncle's back yard
Ok I DO have a 2012 pic. This is in my Aunt & Uncle's back yard

When why How?

When I had gone to my new Doctor the beginning of July (2013) when my blood work got back,my colesterol was a bit high as well as my sugar but I don't have diabetes. That plus when she weighed me I was 10-15 pounds more than I thought I was; so I guess that's what did it. Hopefully I can keep it up during the fall & winter when most of us start to veg out!

As for How.. well I had heard those who write down what they eat tend to eat less or lose weight. I already always have some form of notebook or journal on me,but I got one sort of just for this. I don't just write what I eat in it but you will see in the section with the pocket journals what I include.

I drink about 3-4 cups of water a day now that the metal cup I have is the only cup I use which literally has my name on it (well Initials) anyway I think it's 16 oz which equals 2 cups here in the states, so I'm getting the 8 cups we are told to drink.

I also try to keep the amount of food I eat in the day down to 10 items (or less). for instance between noon and 7:29 pm one day I only ate a package of Raman Noodles with some sliced garlic, Hot Dog (my fave brand is ball Park) with a Bun (which fell apart so maybe half of it) and a little ketchup, 20 oz Grape soda (which has lasted me a few hours & still at half the bottle (usually it takes me the afternoon & night to finish.. I take a sip here & there) a few slices of Ham w/ a ring of Pineapple, & 1/4 -1/2 cup of corn. I DO count the water (fluids) as one item. I do notice there's 1 definite snack time of the day I usually get a craving, between 2:30 & 3:30 (depending on when I get going in the day) Also sometimes at night I may not be hungry before I go to bed but there are times I do get hungry while waiting to fall asleep. If this happens, and you have fruit, or nuts in the house, a 100 calorie snack pack, even peanut butter (or substitute if you are allergic) on any bread you want have it. It means your body's metabolism is working and you are doing a good job. (also remember the more water you drink, and the more you go to the bathroom you will know you are starting to lose. Sick of plain water, have flavored hot tea or one of those single serving flavor packs for your bottled water or even squirt some Mio into your water.

Normally when I eat dinner I eat at my desk while I work on a page like this; (or something else,) so I end up eating slow, & getting satisfied before I'm full. This keeps you (well at least me) satisfied Ionger. I do somewhat try to portion my food, sometimes I weigh it for how many ounces it is, but it's a pain when you get into all of that. Basically to make it's easier to go by this... 1 serving = the size of YOUR fist . I prefer to have small little meals or 'snacks' to big meals. If we have hamburgers or a steak, that's all I will eat at that time, and eat my portion of the side serving a little later. (if not then I'll have it for lunch next day.

YES! You can eat chocolate, & sweets! A great sweet treat is Twizzlers.. NO FAT! Heck I even eat McDonald's or whatever fast food place if out (I don't eat their hamburgers or any other fast food franchises') I usually have one of the 4 pc chicken nuggets & a small (dollar menu) Fries The sweet tea & occasionally I'll get the apple pies. Sometimes I am able to afford to get a fruit smoothie, (sometimes the smoothie, the Fries & nuggets depends on mood.)

The one Rule on SODA... ONLY once a week! Maybe 2x tops! IF at all! (as I usually like to have a rum or Jack Daniel's & Coke when I wan a drink (If there's no sweet mix drinks like a pina Colada around)

I also (try at lest) to do some form of exercise during commercials. (You will see the videos below) Just try to do as many (of your pref. exercise here) as you can in 20 seconds (try setting a count down timer) take a few seconds break, then do something different. Don't have an actual routine, esp. exercise because at some point, your body will no longer respond and you will not lose pounds because that's when you get stuck at a certain weight.

For what I do for exercises see the video section I have other notes there.

Eat stuff you enjoy, because that's when you become a grump and like the snickers commercial goes "we don't like you when you're grumpy" . You can 'diet' and enjoy what you like & NOT have to be on a brand name one like Atkins. I do have Weight watchers below for references as to how their program works & I was trying to find out about their points thing and see if I could work that in or make my own type.

Oh & I Don't weigh myself! Wait for when you go to the doctor's to be weighed. Home scales usually are not right. (esp. with people playing with them to the weight they THINK they are)

Keys to losing weight

1. What you eat

2. how much you eat (have small portions or mini meals)

3. How long it takes to eat it

4. How often you do

5. try some form of exercise (even just cleaning)

6. Smart snacking

sample Journal entry

Water o o o o o o o o

Milk o o o

Veggies o o o o o

oil o o

Vitamins o o o




Healthy & Happy List

o Exercise

o Eat Healthy

o Clean Something

o Work

o Play

o Social

o Create Something

o Read

o Journal

o Slept _____ hrs. (8 hopefully)

Pocket Journals - This is what I Personally use

I write a few different things but as a side bar, I include everything I ate that day & usually with the amount, be it ounces, a fist size portion, Water & I just write slashes next to it to show how many cups I've had. (which may actually be double that as the 'cup' I drink from I think is 16 oz.) SO be sure to drink LOTS of water & it doesn't have to be all plain. You can use those Crystal Light packs, Mio etc flavorings, I do & still count it as a cup of water why because it IS water and

2. after a certain amount plain.. I can't drink any more as if I were full or drowning. I don't need to go into details here as to WHAT my body or is it tongue makes my body do but I don't want to become a fountain!

As I mentioned in the When Why & How... I have a jounral specific for this..

some other stuff besides what I eat during the day I note is.

*How I'm feeling that day (as I have back problems) by a pain scale,

* weather & temprature

*What i've read or how many pages in my book I have read (I have a little mission going with getting rid of my shelf full of to read books)

* If i watch a movie, then movie review

*Ideas for stories, poems etc,

*a summary of a dream I had

*my Luminosity BPI & once a week (usually SUndays) the full stats.

*anything else that comes to mind, sometimes even a drawing.

*Body mass index

*BMR / information from the Calculator (from link in intro)

Other ideas to include (espcially to start)

*Write the amount you weight

*Measurements of= Chest/bust, waist, hips, Thighs, & if you want Butt

*your weight goal (try to start 'light' like 5 pounds.. & go from there!)

*Calories (if known)

*Time you ate

*were you hungry or not

*Emotions before eating & After

*How long it took you to eat (any left over?)

*Room you ate in & Position while eating

*Specific Cravings

*note whether you lost or gained (maybe draw up a monthly calendar so you can track it.

*if you exercise, Include a list of the exercises you did, the # reps & # sets you did. (maybe how long it took you as well) Change them up the next day to something else & the next time you do those first exercises Do 1 extra. Do a few different variants of them as well. Maybe 1 cardio, 1 upper body 1 lower & 1 midsection so 4-5 in a workout.

Remember one thing though the cardio goes first for at least 20 minutes to half hour (to get you going then everything after is what beats up the fat!)

Here's an example

*Here's another option, though I wish it was just a PDF of the daily pages

Pocket page Diary - & Daily Tracking

The Ultimate Pocket Diet Journal
The Ultimate Pocket Diet Journal

How to use sections plus how to assess your weight/health status. Develop a diet program for yourself, and Reading the Nutrition label. A list of How many calories you burn with each physical activity, & building your personal profile. THis would MOST DEFINATLEY be the one I'd get for myself.


Goals - I'm a bit overweight For my height So I need to lose 5-10 pounds

I do need to look up again what I was when I started doing this so I can keep track as I have lost track.

  1. Sept. 19 2013 I'm at the point I don't eat as much as I did. I don't really get hungry like I did. I do pick & snack but from what I check in my log book, it's not as much as it once was. I just have to drink more water. As the weather cooled off, my water (fluids) intake has taken a nose dive.
  2. Fri Sept 27 went to an appointment and asked if they could just weigh me before I left, I may have lost another pound.

    Sat 28th I was at my aunt Pam's who tries to take care of herself and weighed myself on her scale and hers said I was at 265 as well so WHOO I lost another pound!

  3. August 27 / 28 I had an appointment and they had one of the doctor's office scales so I asked if they could weigh me so I could see if I lost another pound. I still had my clothes on but it said I was about the same as I was. I went to my aunts the next day as we had a tag sale to get rid of a few things, and she has a scale (I usually ONLY trust the doctor's office ones but I know my aunt watches herself so I will go along with hers as the 2nd opinion) well I HAD lost another pound (so that's 1 pound per month! Wooo hoo!)
  4. November (forget date) but weighed in & seemed stuck at (I think it was) 165 but it may have been water weight so I'm either 165 or 164.
  5. Dec 25 All I got for the holiday was JUNK FOOD (well minus the Godiva that's the ONLY acceptable junkfood)

    a sliver of Vegan cheesecake, tried a thin slice as well regular raspberry & chocolate one!! Had a brownie & some 'cookie' that looks like a scoop of Chocolate icecream & it had a bit of peanutbutter in it. 2-3 Sea breezes and a cup of cocoa (oh yeah and a heap of potatoes mashed & a slice of pork roast

  6. December 26 well between yesterday and today I may have gained a pound so will have to try to drink a lot more water I'm not going to even bother trying to note what I munched on today... too much
  7. January 18 2014 So a couple days ago I went to the doctor & we checked the weight & I gained 2 pounds over the holidays.

    (It could have been worse) I was even watching what I was eating with the Exception of my family's & their xmas holidays dinner/dessert. Cheesecake 3 different kinds and had a small piece of each (no wider than an inch, but pretty sure not more than half inch) one of which was vegan. I've been drinking a crazy amount of Water too.

  8. May 30 2014- well the doc I had been going to left the practice, and being as I don't like at home scales I will have to wait for my up coming doctor's appt. to see if I've lost or gained anything. Honestly I haven't been trying, buyt being as I have been stressed (at least feeling so) I'm guessing I have gained some weight
  9. June 10- WHooo!!! I lost weight again! I'm back to 164 (I think it was) I'm not even keeping note to what I ate (I just eat what I like but try not to eat too much) I usually never have seconds so if I really enjoy something & want seconds of something I have no problem & never feel guilty about it.

    So summer is here so likely the water in take will be more, and not everyday.. but sporatically I have been doing what I can to exercise (even if I can only take it for a few minutes. My back has issues so it doesn't co-operate with trying that part of losing weight. I not only want to lose the weight ,but I want to lose inches/ dress sizes as well!

  10. July 9 2014- So it's full into summer and drinking more and prob. eating less no idea what it is as I don't officially diet but do try to watch what I eat and I lost a few more pounds!!!I'm currently at 161 !!!!! I do hope I lose another 10 lbs. by the end of the summer (the least)
  11. So my doctor moved elsewhere and then I went to another and just so happens one of the girls that worked with Dr. Y said she's in t he new med building. SO I thanked her and am changing back to her. after getting an appointment well I ended up having to cancel due to all the snow In January & February but Let's hope nothing happens with my appoint the end of April.
  12. I'm back and it's 2017! I gained weight again so I'm trying to lose the weight again.. I'm currently at 169 it seems so I hope with what I'm doing I will lose some. I am trying to eat healthier snacks, even some 'snap peas' which are a alternative to potato chips I guess, though I still love my Pringles! Yes I allow myself what I normally like, but I don't binge. I eat what the serving size is, or less. I still eat stuff with some sugar in it no matter be I taste the sweetness or not. I'm not uptight about it. Because when you stress that also keeps the weight on (esp. females!) So jsut loosen up, eat what you like just small quantities.

I thought this was cute! Depending on how much you want to lose you can include a few pounds to color in as you reach that goal, same if you need to gain it!

Another idea would be to laminate it & Color in the whole thing & then erase as you lose each pound (or whatever way you want)

Weight Loss tracker - as if it's fundraising! (in this case fund LOSING!)

What to Eat Substitutes NUTS

Basically a handfull or 2 of any will do

Almonds and Walnuts, I find to be the best especially with some Endemame beans but Peanuts are good as well, whatever your favorite (and NOT allergic to)

They are good for a tide me over between meals & pick me up for added energy!

Need a late night snack? Make this your go to!


during the day add a few cubes (say 5) of cheese and some berries and you are good to go.

(easy suggestion...NEW Sargento Balanced Breaks )

The CalorieKing Food & Exercise Journal
The CalorieKing Food & Exercise Journal

A 'How to use' section, and sample of how to do a journal page Calorie Fat & Carb counter,


Burn fat fast

Here's Your Motivation - cut them out & paste them into journal every 5-10 pages.

Bally Fitness Ball

Bally Total Fitness 65cm Anti-Burst Fitness Ball with DVD and Pump
Bally Total Fitness 65cm Anti-Burst Fitness Ball with DVD and Pump

I have this and I Do Leg arcs, knee squeeze, and rolling (think of it as a reverse sit up)



Valeo 5-Pound Pair Non-Slip Neoprene Hand Weights For Fitness Training, Includes Exercise Wall Chart
Valeo 5-Pound Pair Non-Slip Neoprene Hand Weights For Fitness Training, Includes Exercise Wall Chart

I have 2 pound and 8 pound weights at home that I do Shoulder Shrugs, and 'shoulder blade 'pinches'


Some exercise Ideas - Honestly...the exercises I do

don't help me with losing weight, they're just my Physical therapy ones, but I do try to do some everyday even if I'm in pain I just do 1/4 of the amount of reps. If it hurts too much I don't do that exercise at all.

If you are not comfortable with using videos online to do your workouts (it's best to change things up this way your body doesn't get used to the same exercises over and over) It's a good Idea to change things up maybe each week to each month. If you have cable (not sure about satellite) but there are on demand stations, check the main on demand station and see if there's a "Free on demand' option (we have one here on cablevision) and there's a section for fitness.

(Ours is under Home & Leisure > Mag rack > Fitness & Yoga ) there's cardio, forms of dance, Yoga, I think muscle toning etc

I have tried when I'm not in pain to do this method of exercise

Low impact cardio for BEGINNERS

Tabata High Intense workout

4 Minute Fat Burning Workout

BMR - Basic Metabolic weight


655 + (4.3 x weight in pounds) +

(4.7 x height in inches) - (4.7 x age in years)


66 + (6.3 x weight in pounds) + (12.9 x height in inches) - (6.8 x age in years)

My Home Gym - remember these are my Physical Thereapy exercises

but i'm sure you can bust a move with certain ones to make them more 'real' exercise otherwise check out the next section, but be sure to remember to strech before any exercise.

There's a few streches I have to do like toe raises, standing balance holding on to the back of a chair and lifting leg out to side Pelvic Tilt, Bridge

I don't walk.. its sort of hard for me to exlain) I stand during commercials & leave my feet together (well really walking distance apart) & just (as if walking but standing in same spot) move one foot so its as if you are stepping but do not lift it up (your heel, up to where your toes bend should be the only thing that leaves floor. I also use some 2 pound weights, resistance bands do some stuff that way for my arms and legs.

Oh as for other things you may need, a scale to measure your food. I don't do it all the time only when I'm not sure what it is.

(I will see if i can locate the sheets of the excersises to scan and include here!)

Exercise Chart (how much will you lose. - 1 Kg = 2 pounds 1 stone = 6 kg 1 stone = 14 pounds

The 'Menu' - ConDementations

I am a picky eater so I can forget about doing any 'real' diets. I do remember when my mother, friends or other famly have been on them & well they get too cranky with restrictions etc. The 'ZIet' has NO RESTRICTIONS.

You can still eat meat as red as you want it, Hot dogs, BACON (the duct tape of food) chocolate all the naughty stuff BUT within reason! For instance some of the items I'll include for now have been....

Another thing I do is EAT SLOWER especially dinner. Chew more times than you usually do or just wait 30 seconds to a minute between each bite of food. I usually play games on the computer, write or read my book or watch a movie in between bites.

Keep track of what you eat each day this way you will see how much you've ate and I try not to eat more than 10 items a day (water includes 1 (no matter how many you have) Milk includes another.. & every soda or other kind of drink after that.

I NEVER HAVE nor will I ever (as far as I can control it) eat Mayonnaise.


Ketchup (just one line across the Hot Dog)

A*1 steaksauce a Tablespoon

Soy Sauce - table spoon or 2

Garlic ...POUR IT ON

Salt just a Dash or 2 to bring out flavor (think 1/4 of a teaspoon)

The menu - The Good & Greasey too

  • Hot Dog (I like Ball park brand) with one of those Tortilla wraps

    (which I cook a bit in the frying pan with a little bit of Smart Balance, (enough to coat pan) . When I take it out I pat it off put the hot dog in & much & to me it's so much better than using a bun (esp. if you've already had something with bread or will have something like pasta later)

  • Fresh garlic (lots like 3-5 cloves) Pasta but you can't eat the whole pound! Think maybe 2 cups
  • Hamburger (no larger than the size of your fist or well a bit bigger than before it's cooked) you can ven put a bit of cheddar cheese & 1 piece of bacon cut in half.
  • Kashi Berry blossom Cereal
  • 1 slice of (whatever kind of bread you like) with Peanut Butter (or a PB substitute) and well I've been using Lingenberry jam.
  • Potato chips.. NO MORE THAN a handful and that's no more than once a week (or less)
  • 2 WHOLE eggs scrambled

    (YES I keep the yolks! I don't see WHY people get rid of what gives it the flavor otherwise WHY BOTHER?!)

  • McDonald's Dollar Menus 1 small fry, 1- 4 pc nugget & soemtimes I get a sweet tea or the smoothie. (sometimes I ONLY get a smoothie)

    usually when I'm out running errands I end up getting hungry & not enough monmey for a restaurant & Mc D's is the cheapest thing! This is usually once a week & after I've been running round so my metabolism is burning it as I eat it.

  • Water & Fluids I drink at least 3 cups a day of water maybe 1 of milk & have a cup -3 of some Crystal light (or whatever of those 2 qt. instant juicepacks we have) which I count as a water (If it's too sweet just put extra water but taste along the way.

    I do try to drink at least 3-5 cups of water a day. (But my normal cup maybe 2 as I think the cup I use is 16 oz. so that's probably how I've been losing the weight

  • I JUST tried Greek yogurt for the first time. I don't remember the first brand I tried It was a Chobani package like Muller (the square shape with the corner) Pineapple, wasn't crazy about that but I have 2 more flavors make that I think 4 more flavors (as I just got a couple more) here to try.

    *Dannon Light & Fit Blended Orange cream ~ good

    *Oikos PLAIN to sum it up is GROSS

    * Chobani Passionfruit.. YUM now that was a nice desert snack. Somewhat Icecream like.. & let's not forget the Blood Orange too!

    The Greek yogurt will fill you up, just be sure to check out the pages in the more help section as there is one that taste tests them & will tell you the ones with most protein, those are the ones you want! Chobani being one of them! It keeps you full longer. So it's great to keep for a snack later at night and so on.

  • Fruit esp. good for a late night snack! Try to get at least 3 a week if not a couple a day
  • Want to eat a candy bar? One of my Favorites is the one called a 'Whatchamacallit'
  • Fruit Newtons You know those Biscut like cookies? OMG There's a new one Banana bread w/ some drizzling of Dark Chocolate... GREAT for a dessert instead of the real thing!

    They also have a blueberry one That I've tried.. can't remember the other flavor tho'

  • Want a soda ? Usually I just have (if at all) 1 a week. Sometimes plain sometimes (for those OVER 21) i put some rum or Jack Daniels in it. On occasion I may end up having 2 if I eat out somewhere one day & get in the mood later in the week for one of those drinks.

    Oh Yeah & I'm a Diet Coke person which ever you like doesn't matter but I usually have Lemon in mine when I'm out (esp. if its Pepsi blah) . But when it comes to my Mountain Dew I will grab the regular over diet!

    It's the OVER consumption of soda (Like anything else) that makes you fat No 2 liter bottle (or more) a day 2 in the week is fine, it whets your sweettooth and the 'Forbidding' diet snafus

  • Ice Cream or Popcicles? are fine... (even Sherbet) want the icey stuff it's fine for each night. Ice cream there's a company that makes mini cones (I think it's the Blue Bunny brand) those or no more than a cup every other to few nights.
  • Ãber fruit & Nut bars

Snack on this!

What to Eat -substitutes GREEK YOGURT

I wondered about this to the regular kind. I'm not one who likes plain yogurt even if I add my own 'flavor' But I tried (I forget what brand) but a Pineapple one that came with some nuts in a square packaging. NOT crazy about it but the good thing... It made me feel satisfied after eating it (not liking the flavor I forced myself to finish it) so worth the extra $

see more about this in the 'Some other help' section at the end

Weekly Diet Diary

or make a 'magnetic poetry' type kit out of it & put them on your fridge.

Cut them out & tape them to the HEALTHIER foods in your cuboard & fridge etc.

What to Eat Substitutes -- Popcorn

ditch the chips & go for popcorn! esp. the airpop kind

Like butter on your popcorn? Use some SMARTBALANCE 1 tbls

a don't use salt.. try using other spices and herbs!

if you DO go the way of the potato chip... use a slicer (to get them thin) and BAKE your own!

the Google 'diet'

What a shame that all companies can't do thingslike this fo rits workers
What a shame that all companies can't do thingslike this fo rits workers

Other Helpful 'tools'

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Stay Away from Stress -the Technical Tracker

Women and stress is not a good thing, it has a tendencey to collect in certain areas of the body that the donut go to!

I can understand if say you have diabetes etc that you need (have to) eat a certain amount or be sure to keep the intake low.

I have no need to keep track of all that so this is the kind of journal I will stay away from as when you start counting all this and such it creates stress and that is the reason I am a bit over weight. (Thanks to a job I had for 11 years plus the last job I had was really stressfull and Opressive so It started sitting right in my gut.)

I'd rather be more casual in doing things like this that's the reason I use an actual pocket diary & I can just note in what I want when & How. Plus there's just only so much room.

The TECHNICAL diet journal - keep track of calories and more

Weighing in - Support or Need Help?

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    • Zodiacimmortal profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @debra1026: ah thank you.. not sure if I'd call Squidoo a blog site... this is actually my blog here

      Thank y ou very much. How does the Jeffersonnutrition work? Is it like weight watchers with the points or what?

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Wow, incredible blog layout! How long have you been blogging for? you made blogging look easy. The overall look of your website is wonderful, let alone the content!.

      LOve this lens,, love your GIF's ..

      I would love to try those of your charts. with the help of my family.

    • Zodiacimmortal profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @Weight-Loss-Tips-For-Women: don't forget the fruits!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I agree that water can make you feel full and you can lose weight. If I am really need something other than water, then I will blend vegetables for a smoothie. Thank youl

    • Zodiacimmortal profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @TanoCalvenoa: That's for sure.. same with they keep blaming obesity on sugar.. honestly if it were the truth.. I'd have been 500 pounds by the time I' turned 18 or 21!!! (i've got a really sweet tooth) for me to actually say something is too sweet is pretty bad

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      @Zodiacimmortal: Quantities definitely matter. The more of the bad stuff you eat, the worse.

    • Zodiacimmortal profile imageAUTHOR


      5 years ago from Yonkers, NY

      @TanoCalvenoa: Hey that's AWESOME! Congrats, with me I can't be bothered with all that counting etc. And sadly the exercise I can't do for long. It bothers my Back/hip. Everyone talks about Sugar causes obesity.. WRONG! because I'm still eating the same amount I did before! People just eat too much of stuff instead of eating a proper serving size!

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      This is a great lens, easy to see why it won a Purple Star.

      I lost 45 lbs in the past year (239 lbs down to current 194 lbs) mainly by drinking nothing but water, and eliminating wheat from my diet. These made a huge difference in how I feel. I also now walk or jog at least 30 minutes every evening.

      I previously already had given up corn syrup, trans fat, and MSG but the results weren't as much as what I needed so I took the additional steps and then saw a huge difference. My weight now is what it was when I was in college 11 years ago.


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