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Zumba!! Best Workout in the World!

Updated on May 20, 2015


First Zumba

Awesome example of ZUMBA!

All Shapes and Sizes will LOVE Zumba

I walked into the Rush on Patton Ave Zumba class and had no idea what I was doing there. I looked around the room and saw woman stretching, talking in small groups and standing alone awkwardly looking around.The fan was blowing in the corner but otherwise it was quiet. The door flew open and like a tornado the instructor blew in! She was so excited to be there! "Hello everyone! Yeah Zumba! let's get started!" The music started pumpin' and you could not help but want to move!! Oh and move we did! Before I knew it I was covered in sweat breathing heavy and having FUN! The hour flew by and I wanted more! That was it! I was hooked!

You have no doubt seen the ads on facebook for Zumba gear, videos, DVD's etc. But if you have never taken a class I highly recommend it! All ages, all sizes and all sexes will love this class! The class itself is a mixture of latin infused music and top 40 dance hits with simple dance party moves. Lots of well known latin dances like cha cha, reggeton, samba mixed with traditional aerobics moves (grapevine,kick boxing punches etc). Many of the routines have just three moves to remember and a lot of repeating patterns. The first 3 or 4 classes are the hardest as far as mastering the moves but after that everyone is an expert!

The real magic of this class is the community and friendships formed. All walks of life meet at their Zumba class and it brings out the best of people! It is like a family and they welcome new comers with open arms and lots of support! The other amazing part of Zumba is the stories! Each class has numerous accounts of woman and men losing weight! A lady in my class recently shared that she has lost over 75lbs attending Zumba classes weekly! That is motivation enough for me to keep coming back! Mothers come with their sons, husbands and wives come together, grandma and her grand daughters! Zumba spans the generations! So find a Zumba class near you! It may be the happiest you have ever been working out!

I have enjoyed Zumba and the confidence it has given me I have decided to become a certified Zumba instructor!! I look forward to introducing people to the wonderful benefits Zumba has to offer! Check out a class near you and maybe some day I will see you at the convention!

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