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What is the hype about Zumba fitness

Updated on September 19, 2013

Trending workout

Zumba fitness is a Colombian fitness program that involves dancing and aerobic fitness. This fitness program is sweeping the nation in over 150 countries. It has really made an impact in the fitness world, with thousands if not millions of fans. Even some celebrities, like Jennifer Lopez and Halle Berry take zumba classes.

Whats the buzz about

Ditch the workout, join the party! Zumba is not like most workout classes, because it doesn't feel like a workout class at all; its more of a dance class. Co-founder and chief executive of the privately held Zumba Fitness, Alberto Perlman states that Zumba have broken some of the rules of fitness. For example, Zumba uses the original form of music instead of having it broken down like in aerobic classes. The dance moves are easy to learn, so you really shouldn't have any problems keeping up with the class (but if you can't keep up be sure to ask your instructor for the modified version).

Getting a workout

The class alternates between fast and slow dance moves giving you an interval training workout to tone muscles and burn calories. Zumba primarily works the lower part of your body with the hip shaking, body rolls and foot work. With the energetic arm swings it will work the triceps and biceps (so it actually works the whole body).

Dance moves

Zumba has incorporated so many dance moves in the program to work different parts of the body:

  • Cumbia to work the legs, hips and abs with small-step footwork and lateral travel
  • Belly dancing for the calves and the core
  • Salsa works the lower body and the core
  • Brazil samba works the ankle flexors if performed in double time

Be careful

As you can see Zumba Fitness involves a lot of dances moves, which can cause you to twist and pivot, so if you have preexisting injuries or bad knees and/or ankles it would be wise to ask your instructor for the modified versions of the moves.

There's more!

You can benefit greatly from a Zumba workout. For starters there is the huge calorie burn that is done in one hour. This routine is great for toning your body. It’s very exciting, which is rare seeing that a lot of workout gets boring after a while; and because it is exciting, time goes by real fast. It’s for all ages, so anyone can get into shape, the young and the old. This routine is very challenging and effective, which mean you will see results every time you hit the dance floor.


As mentioned before Zumba is easy to master; the easy moves have modified version. Its really fun to do especially in a group. Everyone is having a good time while they lose weight in the process. You should expect to see results in two weeks time. So ditch the workout and join the party!


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